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    Marty Boy Guest

    Default Road trip: New York, Washington, Toronto.

    Me and a couple of mates are wanting to visit these regions for a couple of weeks in September. Can anybody tell me the best routes (starting and stopping) by car, and cool places to hang out and have a beer!!! Or, should we be visiting anywhere else nearby that's also worth a visit. Cheers folks, Martin...

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    Vic Guest

    Default Your September trip

    By your message, not sure if your from the states or not. If not, are you driving from NYC to Toronto, or from Washington to Toronto?

    I lived many years in upstate New York (near Niagara Falls). If you don't do anything else, and are near Buffalo New York, you HAVE TO stop at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo (near downtown). They originated the hot chicken (ala "Buffalo") wings. It is well worth the time.

    Good luck.

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