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    My friend and I want to get out of Missouri for about a week, we really like California (and have already been there before) so we want to go there. We're probably going to leave in a week, I was wondering if anyone knows the most efficient way to get from missouri to california, and if theres any places along the way thats worth stopping. Well any input would help, thanks alot.

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    Missouri and California are two pretty big places, so the most efficiant route could be a different depending upon where you wanted to start and end. However, I'd guess that I-44 and I-40 would be the fastest way to the CA state line from most of Missouri. That route follows the path of route 66 and has lots of things related to that which you could check out.

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    Get off the interstate along the way and drive stretches of the Mother Road, Route 66.

    El Rancho Hotel in Gallup, NM, is a real trip back into the past.

    Plus, on either the interstates or 66, you'll go by the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest and also, at Williams, Az, you'll be close to the Grand Canyon.

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