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    Hey guys,

    Basically me and three others are planning on buying an rv when we come to the us for three months in July. Can anyone please tell me is this a better idea than simply renting?

    What type of rv would you recommend?

    Would we be able to simply fly into new york and sort it there or arrange something before hand?

    I really need some adivice as I wanna get these plans rolling...cant wait!!

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    Default Better than...?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I don't think I can tell you if renting an RV is a "better" option, because I don't know what other options you are considering. I also don't know what factors are going into your decision. If cost savings is your primary goal, then renting an RV is almost never the best bet, but an RV certainly can provide a different experience than traveling via hotels.

    We have a wealth of information about planning an RV trip in the planning section of the website. This article talks about how to rent an RV, and This one lays out the different kinds of RVs that are available.

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    Hey sorry for being so vague! Well we are trying to be as cost effective as possible and were under the impression that buying an rv would work best due to the potential to get some money back selling it at the end??

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    Default RVs are rarely cost effective

    If you are trying to be as cost effective as possible, then you shouldn't be looking at an RV at all. It will almost always cost more to rent an RV than it would to rent a car and stay in motels.

    As far as renting or buying one, I doubt buying one would cost less. Not only would you have a huge upfront costs, with no guarentees to get ANY of it back (what you do get back when you find someone to buy it would likely be a lot less then what you payed up front). Plus, you'd have to deal with things like taxes, insurance, and licensing.

    If you read the articles I cited, you'll get a pretty good idea of what your options are, including a leaseback option, which might be the best bet.

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