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    Default NY to LA buying a Mustang

    Hi Everyone, I'm an Australian newbie and have a situation that I am contemplating, buying my dream car in New York, a 68 GT hardtop Mustang, where it is currently for sale, and driving it to LA to put on the boat and I need to know a few details. I will check out the search area for buying car in US but I don't think there is a thread there to suit my situation.
    Do I need an american address to have the registration transferred to, can I get insurance for my circumstance and of great importance to me is will my car be safe during overnight stops getting to LA.
    Looking at this site, the best track is the I-70 out of New York.
    My son will be attending college in Kansas so I will detour down I-44 to take in his school and some baseball games and then maybe continue on 44 then to 40 and around that way.
    Will the weather in November taking this route be Ok, will I encounter any snow etc.
    Thanks for your time and any suggestions anyone may have

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    Default Sweet Ride

    Welcome to the RTA Forum, and Congrats on the Purchase!

    As far as your registration goes, you should probably be able to get some sort of transfer permit that will give you a few weeks to get your car to your destination without actually registering the car. It does vary from State to State, so you'll want to check with NY's DOT or if you are buying the car from a dealer, they may also be able to help.

    Insurance is something you'll need. I'd imagine you should be able to find someone who will sell you a short term policy, but I don't know exactly who does that. I think you'll need to find an insurance agent to help you out here.

    Your car should be safe as long as you use common sense. If you are really worried about it, I wouldn't watch the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" between now and then - actually, I probably wouldn't recommend watching the movie at all.

    Your route should be fine, although would recommend taking I-80 out of New York and cutting south to I-70 in Ohio. I-70 actually starts in Baltimore, so I think this will be faster for you. You could run into snow along I-40 in November. I wouldn't say it would be likely, but it will be worthwhile to check the forecast as you approach New Mexico and Arizona.

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    Default Hi Midwest Michael

    Thanks very much for the reply, I will contact the state organisation in NY to see about the permit, but wow! more importantly, I have read some of your posts and you mention seeing minor and major league ballparks!!!!my other huge passion, even for an Australian, given my journey and interstates, which ballparks do you think I should take in?
    I have a son that will be in college in Kansas on a baseball scholarship, so I will detour there, where else do you suggest I take in some magical minor league parks, and of course, the bigs but I really want to get to see some great ballparks,
    thanks for the input and look forward to your suggestions


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    Default Now you've got me going....

    I could write for pages about some of the great parks, but when are you going to be making this trip? You'd mentioned November which could make it really tough, since the minor league season is done by the start of September.

    Some of my favorite major league parks would go right along your path. I would call PNC in Pittsburgh a can't miss. Its generally considered one of the top two "new" parks, competing with AT&T park in San Francisco for the top honor.

    I'm also a very big fan of Great American in Cincinatti, although it doesn't get as many strong reviews as some of the other new parks. St. Louis also has a new park. It just opened this year and I haven't been to it yet. I also have to say that Kansas City's stadium is really nice when you consider that it is 30+ years old. It is showing its age, but it really was so far ahead of its time, when compared to the other parks from that era.

    As far as Minor Leagues go, I think the experience is worthwhile anyplace you can catch a game. I'm personally hitting the road today to go see 3 or 4 Midwest League games this weekend throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. Something you might look into checking out is the Arizona Fall League, which plays in the Spring Training parks in the Phoenix area. Each major league team sends a handful of its best prospects which get put together on teams, so you will almost certainly see a few future major leaguers. I can't remember if they season goes into Novemeber, however, but it is something worth checking out.

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    Default now you've got me going

    I'm not sure when we will actually do the trip, if we are to get this car then it will be in Nov or thereabouts but I may wait until next April and take my 18 year old son, who is a catcher, with me and see the sights whilst we pick up a car.
    This way I can see the parks, a lot of Australians play in the minors and you mention the Midwest league, the Twins have many in the GCL, Beloit and Fort Myers and also another with the Rock Cats, also a lot of Aussies are in the AZL so that would certainly be part of the trip.
    My first thought on a trip was to see the ballparks for my 50th birthday present which unfortunately has come and gone and now with this opportunity, I can do it all!!!!
    I love all your stories and the excitement level is rising very quickly so I hope I get to tie something up fairly soon.
    thanks again

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