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  1. Default Arizona and Utah in 15 days - help needed

    Hi all,

    I'm planning a 15 day road trip in Arizona and Utah, but I'm still in the early stages.
    My initial route is the following:

    Arrival in Phoenix
    Phoenix to Grand Canyon (south rim)
    GC to Las Vegas
    LV to Zion
    Zion to Bryce
    Bryce to Antelope Canyon
    AC to Monument Valley

    From here I'm a bit lost.
    If I still have days left where would you recommend me to go?
    I have to fly back from Phoenix, so it's a long drive from Monument Valley!

    Also, is late April/start May a good time overall to travel to these destinations in terms of weather and tourist crowds?

    Again, this is the early stage of my planning - any suggestions appreciated. Only thing that is certain is my arrival and departure from Phoenix


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    Default Same Trip?

    Quote Originally Posted by Henrik View Post
    I'm planning a 15 day road trip in Arizona and Utah, but I'm still in the early stages.
    Is this the same trip that was planned for October?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Editor View Post
    Is this the same trip that was planned for October?

    Hi Mark - that was our last trip to the US in 2006 – ended up doing only California and it was the best vacation we ever had!
    I have some pictures from the trip here.

    Thanks to everyone who helped us with the planning!

    We now want to do a road trip around Utah and Arizona and need a bit of help again to get the route planned:)
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    Default Oh, my gosh!

    Quote Originally Posted by Henrik View Post
    I have some pictures from the trip
    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos -- I love the perspective and the framing of those images - Excellent, excellent job!


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    Default brilliant shots

    I was just amazed by your shots, Henrik.

    The site was a little slow, so could not check your profile. I would love to know what camera you own, even better, if you use PS for post-processing. Just awesome pictures.

    As Mark rightly pointed out, loved the framing!
    Utah is great red rock country & I will await your trip pictures too.

    Happy planning!


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    Glad you like them!
    I posted them in chronological order, so they work a bit like a picture diary.

    I used a Canon 350d with a Canon 10-22 and Sigma 18-200mm. I only use photoshop to boost the images when necessary. Polarizing filter is great for richer colors.
    Progressed quite a bit since both in skills and equipment, so I'm really looking forward to the new trip:) Hopefully my wife will be patient enough - always difficult to find the right balance:)

    I've come a bit further with the planning - we've now booked the tickets.

    Arrival in Phoneix on April 25 at 18.00 - back May 10
    Thinking of driving out of Phoenix the same evening so we can get to Las Vegas early next day. Anywhere around Golden Valley perhaps?

    Las Vegas to Zion
    Zion to Bryce
    Bryce to Glen Canyon (stopping at Escalante)
    GC to Monument Valley
    MV to Grand Canyon (South rim) - seems like a long drive - anything in between?

    So far so good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henrik View Post

    MV to Grand Canyon (South rim) - seems like a long drive - anything in between?
    there is lodging at cameron trading post about 30 mins before the desert view drive entrance to the grand canyon.i can't comment on the lodging as we were in an r.v., but the food was great and good value.they also have a massive store with lots of interesting items.
    as said already,great photos! i hope you post some up after this trip,zion and bryce along with the grand canyon should see some great results.
    enjoy your trip.
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    Default Phoenix-Vegas

    First, AWESOME photos! Truely amazing photos.

    As far as Phoenix to Vegas, depends on which route you're taking. If you'll be arriving here at 6 PM MST, you're looking at a long drive to Vegas. The most direct route is US 60 to US 93. For the most part, this is a narrow two lane road from Wickenburg to I-40. I can't give an accurate assessment of time from Vegas to Phoenix, not only because we had to bypass Hoover Dam and go through Laughlin (due to driving a U-Haul Rental Truck), but also because that same truck encountered some moderate problems and left us sittin on the side of the road for a good hour or more until it cooled off enough to add water.

    If you go up over Hoover Dam, it might be a little less time, depends on how long the line is for the Security Checkpoint. I'd venture to say you'd get into Vegas some time between 11 PM MST and 12 PM MST (reminder, Arizona does not change with the rest of the country for Daylight Savings Time / Summer Time, so in summer we're equal to Pacific.)

    If you do plan to stop in between, about the only place to do so is Kingman. Golden Valley does not have much, and unless you're going through Bullhead City, AZ and Laughlin, NV, there's nothing else around for the most part. Kingman would be your best bet for stopping for the night. There's limited services along US 93 between Wickenburg and Kingman.

    Hope this info helps.


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    The photos are fantastic as everyone else has said. I'd love to see what you can do with Horseshoe Bend and the Navajo Bridge at Page, AZ... could maybe slot that in on the way back from Monument Valley?

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    For Horseshoe Bend. Bring a wide angle lens!
    Arriving 6pm would not say you're on the road then. Luggage, pu rental car. It all takes time. Maybe drive afa Wickenburg. Not much before Kingman then.
    From MV to GC Village is an easy drive. 3.5 hours or so if no stops. But you will want to stop. Maybe try Navajo NM off us160 20 miles sw of Kayenta. Cameron Trading Post already has been mentioned. Have a taco here (large enough for 2 people!). And take as much time as you can between Desert View and the Village. Fantastic.
    For Grand Staircase Escalente. A new NP to be but no paved roads and beware of the dirtroads. Driving from Bryce make a stop in the lovely town of Kanab. Before Kanab you can take a semi looproad and visit Coral Pink Sanddunes.Then continue on 89 and maybe visit Old Paria. Old movie set but burned down by vandalists. Short dirtroad and don't drive in the wet. Also, near milemarker 20 is a parking lot( not officially) and it's a short walk to the Toadstools. GSENM is one of the last remaining great wilderness area's. If you want to know something about it, there are visitor center in Kanab, White House (near the Toadstools) and Big Water.

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