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    im planning a road trip for two on a budget and wanted input on my itinerary - good roads to take in between stops, campgrounds or other places not to miss, other lodging options that would be unique - anything really apart of the adventure. never been out west. my travel companion is worried its too much for an 11 day trip? time and mileage all estimated - advice would be appreciated - this is the plan I mapped out so far starting from salt lake city.

    day 1 234 mi: salt lake city to arches 4 hrs 32 min
    -arrive night, bed and breakfast?
    day 2 166 miles: arches canyonlands 4 hrs 37 min
    - spend day at arches and get to canyonlands by the nightfall
    day 3 : canyonlands
    - spend the day in canyonlands, camp that night
    day 4 324 mi:canyonlands petrified national forest 7 hrs 3 min
    - day of driving, road side attractions
    day5 201 miles: petrified national forest grand canyon 3 hrs 19 min
    - morning in the petrified national forest, painted desert get to grand canyon sometime that day
    day 6: grand canyon
    maybe a mule ride, possibly drive the south rim toward tuba city to the north rim or we could do that on day 7
    day 7 257 mi: grand canyon zion 5 hrs 20 min
    get to zion national park
    day 8 : zion
    spend the day in zion, angels landing and the narrows have been recommended
    day 9 : zion
    possibly another day in zion
    day 10 : 113 mi --zion bryce 2 hrs 26 min
    get to bryce and camp there that night
    day 11 may 14 237 mi: bryce salt lake city 4 hrs 25 min
    end trip travel to salt lake city to catch afternoon flight


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    Well, it could all be a bit much depending on your stamina and tolerance for time in the car. Your driving times clearly come from on-line mapping software, and as such are typically overly optimistic. I'd increase all such times by 10-20% to get a better idea of how long it will really take you to get from point to point. Still, a half day hiking in Arches National Park is better than none. And the countryside you'll be driving through is certainly interesting. I would, however, count on a full day to see the Grand Canyon and another full day to drive to Zion. You will not be able to see the North Rim of the Canyon on this drive, since it is down a long (45 mi one way) two-lane road (AZ-67). Still the drive through the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument will be a worthwhile experience. I'd also do Bryce at some point during your stay at Zion and make the drive to Salt Lake City from Zion rather than Bryce if I were planning on catching a plane that same day.


  3. Default thanks!

    I think weve decided to just keep it to touring utah in 10 days, working on rethinking a plan! thanks for the input.

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