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  1. Default Blaine, WA to Vegas in February 2008???

    Hi there, we made this trip in October and went via Boise and Salt Lake City.. trip was easy and fabulous and of course the weather perfect.

    now we are thinking of making a similar trip in February..... would it be better to drive down the coast and come across from LA or is the Idaho/nevada route still a better choice? I know that the passes in Washington can be evil or great at that time of year, but no clue about the rest of the route. any info appreciated. thanx!

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    Default Way Too Soon to Tell

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    The interstates through Boise and Salt Lake City are still the best way to go, but you can't count on the weather being perfect in February. There is actually surprisingly little difference in the mileage between the two possible routes, less than 70 miles out of a total of 1400 or so. So, let the weather be your guide. If it looks like there will be severe weather in eastern Washington and Oregon, southern Idaho or the mountains of Utah. On the other hand, it is also possible that bad weather will make travel on I-5 a problem, particularly in southern Oregon or northern California. You don't have to make your final decision until just a day or two before you leave, so wait until you get a clearer idea of what YOU can expect on YOUR drive


  3. Default We Think Alike

    I just joined today as a result of trying to find a way to Palm Springs in January and did not want to get stuck in the mountains in Southern Orgeon/Northern California.

    I have never been the way you describe. Friends tell me there is a save route but I do not know what it is. You may get more answers to your inquiry so I will keep checking

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