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  1. Default May 2008 san fran - la - vegas Road trip (HELP)..!

    Hello there, i come here looking for some help or advice.
    Some friends and i are starting to plan our road trip for My 2008 to America. We are planning on travelling from san fran to la to las vegas.
    We have 15 days.. basically the stops i am thinking of are..
    san fran, yosomite park, santa cruz, pismo?, santa barbara, santa minica, la, vegas (with a chopper tour over grand canyon)

    Now we fly home from vegas so no need to back track anywhere...
    we want to take the highway 1 route down the coast through the big sur (which i believe is just a stretch or area of the coast) anyway... are these all suitable places to stop over and see... how long could be suggested for each place??? Basically im looking for advice and comments on my trip...
    i think we have enough time from reading other posts on here? We are good areas to stay in la and san fran? is yosomite worth it even though it is a drive in the opposite direction to the rest of our trip?

    Any help comments, routes, itinerys would be very helpful


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    This is an extremely popular trip on these forums - if you check here, you will see just how popular it is!

    Are you planning to reserve your places to stay in advance, or are you playing it by ear? You may find a place that you want to visit for more than one day, it all depends on what things you are interested in the most. Depending on what you really want to do, Yosemite could be fit in to this trip, but you would have to take out some of the coastal driving to fit it in.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your total driving on this trip is 'only' about a thousand miles, so very doable and enjoyable with 15 days at your disposal. The drive over to Yosemite is well worth it. It's just under 200 miles from San Francisco, so you could, for example, plan on a half day's drive to Yosemite and spend the evening, night, and next morning in the park, and then drive another half day the next afternoon to Monterey on the coast at roughly the north end of the Big Sur Coast. I see that you've read some of the posts regarding this general itinerary (There are literally thousands!), but be sure to check the threads linked to from here.

    My own experience with staying in San Francisco and Los Angeles is mostly on business, so I tend to choose my accommodations on the basis of closeness to work and the ability to get around on surface streets. Where you would want to stay would depend on what you're looking for: Cost? Quiet? Near the beach? What? Same for recommending itineraries. RoadTrips are popular precisely because their such a personal experience. One size does not fit all. What people would suggest depends either on what you want or what they want. You need to speak up to get what you want.


  4. Default few more questions

    Well im thinking about 3 of days in san fran, over to yosomite for a cople of nights, drive back over to montary for the night, then 1 or 2 nights at santa cruz, 1 or 2 at santa barbara, 1 or 2 at santa monica, 2 in la, and 2 in vegas which - 14 and we have 15 so there we go... kind of makes sense, my only problem is thinking how long each leg takes as in if im planning on one night say in santa barbara... and i leave santa cruz in the morning to travel there via highway 1 costal route will i have some time to actually see a little of santa barbara, im hoping there all a couple of hours apart, each stop that is so i can see stuff in all the places i am staying..
    also when i say im not sure where to get accom i mean like in la, as a tourist i want to stay near all the attractions.. and same in san fran... should i stay in union sq for example and or hollywood in la.. rest of the places i think are small enough to get around from where ever i set up..
    thanks for everyones help, i shall view the other itinerys you guys linked .

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