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    Dear Fellow Traveler(s),

    I am planning a road trip with my father from February 3rd to the 9th. The main spots we want to hit are Roswell, New Mexico and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We would fly from NY to either Roswell or Albuquerque, NM. Does anyone know approximately how many miles it is from Roswell to the Grand Canyon in Arizona? How long of a drive would it be? Any other sites you would suggest we visit between both places?

    Thank you so much and be safe on your next adventure!

    Love and Light,

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Its about a 600 mile trek from Roswell to the South Rim. That makes for a very long, but doable day on the road.

    If you wanted to break things up a bit, Painted Desert/Petrified Forest NPs would be directly on your way. White Sands NP or Sonoma, Arizona would require small detours, but would also be easy to get to.

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    Thanks for the info. Michael! I will definitely try and check out the other sites.


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    Most likely you'll fly into Albuquerque, then head southeast to get to Rosewell (200 miles) then on to the Grand Canyon (about 600 miles from Rosewell). On the way, I highly recommend visiting Acoma Indian Pueblo, south of Casa Blanca, NM (about 60 miles west of Albuquerque). It is a truly unique place.

    Also along the way are Sunset Crater and Wapatki national monuments. Both are worth your time to visit. (See this article for more info).

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years
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    Thank you Craig! Great advice!

    Best Regards,

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