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  1. Default February Southwest Trip- Good or Bad Idea?

    Hi there everyone,

    i am tentatively planning my first solo road trip... thinking about leaving texas and journeying through the southwest, possibly along route 66. This will probably be through the month of february. I'll be in a hybrid/ sedan, and will mostly be couchsurfing at friends houses along the way, i'm not much of a camper. Can anyone offer me advice as to whether or not this might be a good time to do this? Waiting until april is a possibility, but i'm really craving the open road. Any advice is appreciated... thanks.

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    Default A perfect time of year

    Quote Originally Posted by juliemay View Post
    i am tentatively planning my first solo road trip... thinking about leaving texas and journeying through the southwest, possibly along route 66.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Your route will be subject to winter storms, but solo road trip adventuring is fun any time. Most of the active trippers here are also part-time solo travelers. Here are some threads to get you started.

    Guy has one of the best Route 66 planning sites.
    Road Dog is an avid Route 66 traveler
    Judy's tips
    Take our poll and read this solo tripper's first time queries
    This is a field report from a first-timer
    In case, you DO want the camping life....
    Some more tips from a bunch of us


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    Default High Season


    Depending on what part of the SW you are considering visiting, the SW high season is winter in other parts of the country. Northern Arizona, New Mexico and parts of Utah have snow and cold, but south of I-40 many of the areas enjoy great weather. That is one of the reasons that people from the north flock to the sunny southern SW for several months.

    By keeping a watch on the weather you can see the great spots such as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and other parks in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.

    In other words, you can have a great time and see a lot amazing scenic places.

    Good luck,


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    Thanks for the quick advice guys...

    I can't wait!!!

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    Hi.. sounds really similar to what I want to do as well! Are you hiring your car or do you live in the US? I would need to hire a car... do you know of any good cheap reliable car hire places... I am wanting to start from NY tho...

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