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  1. Default Attractions, sites, greasy spoons, worlds largest pancake...Chicago to DC road trip

    March 2008 we're doing a road trip Chicago to DC and back. We like to stop and eat at greasy spoons, visit unusual attractions, etc.

    Not talking about Chicago and or DC

    Talking about on the road between those 2 cities, making it more than empty road between the 2 stuff, unusual stuff

    Suggestions, experiences would be most welcome

    Thank you

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you're looking for the truly unusual, stuff that won't make the normal RoadTrip suggestions (which is, after all, what we do here) try these sites:

    Roadside America
    Back on Track
    The American Roadside

    You won't get personalized help, but there are quite a few off-the-wall ideas on those sites.


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    Default Not too unusual...

    ...but almost required of anyone from Chicago is to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater southeast of Pittsburgh, PA. The setting is spectacular, the house is wonderful and the drive through the hilly countryside is scenic and peaceful.

    While you are in the area, if you are into US military history at all, Fort Ligonier, in Ligonier, PA is an amazing example of early fortification engineering. Besides having one of the best 18th century artillery collections around, the museum has a stunning pair of pistols given to George Washington by Lafayette.

    Have a great time,

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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