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    First of all let me tell you that after reading many posts I decided to register this fantastic forum.

    I am from Portugal and I am planning a road trip in United States.

    I am thinking to drive from Boston to Los Angels.

    Have any ideas of what can I see? Where should I go? and after arriving to Los Angels when I come back, may I flight back to Boston in a low cost company? Can you tell me some low cost companies (air planes) that make travels from Los Angels to Boston?

    Thanks and I am sorry for possible mistakes in my post.


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    Default the whole thing

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Since your trip covers the entire country, it wouldn't be fair for anyone to try an just pick a couple of places you can see. You need to start with doing a little research about the millions of great things that are out there, ranging from exciting cities to incredible natural beauty. Take a look around this website, we've got lots of threads about cross country trips and things to see and do to get at least a foundation.

    As far as flying back to Boston, you might check with whatever airline you'll be using for your transatlantic flight, often it can be cheaper just to stick with them, rather than dealing with another US domestic airline. As far as the major US discount carriers,You might look at Jet Blue or use one of the many airfare search engines that are available (including ours) because typically the major airlines do a fairly good job of matching the prices of discount carriers.

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    Default The Possibilities

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    On a drive from Boston to Los Angeles you can see quite a lot of our country, the only limits being how much time you have and what your interests are. You will need at least 5 days to make such a drive, but that would leave no time for getting off the main highways, or even making anything much more than food, east, and gas stops along the way. You can, with sufficient time, see large cities with plenty of night life, country lanes and quiet towns; mountains, prairies, lakes, rivers, deserts; historic sites and cultural centers. So let us know what your schedule looks like and what your interests are and we can help you out.

    Unfortunately, the U.S. does not have airlines like Ryanair, but there is pretty good competition on cross-country flights. You can have our site search through all the available flights and show you which are the cheapest by using the "Travel Reservations" button on the green toolbar at the top of this page.


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    You are fast!

    Thanks for your quick and nice replies.

    The objective is to travel and swim in Pacific Ocean. Get to know the blue colour of the Pacific Ocean. However it is now a speeding test or a new kind of race. It's more like that is our objective... the procedure is knowing a new country, knowing a new culture.

    I like nature, but I will also like to know those small villages we see so often in movies... The true america! As I told you I am thinking of going from boston, cause I don't want to try New York. I believe it is a magnific city, but I believe also an expensive city...

    I hope no big mistakes...
    best wishes to you all


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    Default relative expense

    Well, New York certainly is an expensive city, especially compared to many other cities in the US. However, with the very weak US Dollar, I'm sure you'll find it to still be much cheaper than most any city in Western Europe.

    There's also the factor that if you are only going to visit for a couple of days, the cost to visit NY would only be a small portion of your overall trip.

    You don't have to see NY to have a good time, but it is a pretty amazing city, and I would hope that cost isn't the only reason you avoid it.

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