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    I will be honest and say i have already posted a thread. Again my team wants to do a roadtrip this summer and we do only have 4-5 weeks. We have decided that we can cut the south out of our journey. We do, however, want to see southern cali, washington state, and new york. for about a total of 5000? is it possible and is that enough time to see interesting sights and stop by them? We will be starting in Carson City, Nv any ideas or suggestions. Again thank you for all your assistance

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    Default yes it's possible

    Some suggestions for STOPPING POINTS / THINGS TO SEE along the way.

    Go to your farthest point first. That way, if for some reason plans change (breakdown) or whatever, you are not stuck thousands of miles from home.

    1) Carson City to Salt Lake City (9 hrs - 600 miles)

    While visiting Salt Lake City for a day, detour 1-1/2 hours off I-80 to see GOLDEN SPIKE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE.
    #84 N to #83 W (It is 32 miles west of Brigham City)

    2) SLC Utah to ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, Colorado (8-9 hrs, 520 miles)

    This is again just a 1-1/2 hour detour off I-80. At Cheyenne Wyoming, take I-25 S to #34 W past Estes Park, Colorado into the National Park.

    Spend a day or two & overnight here.

    3)From back on I-25 continue South & take I-70 E at Denver.

    Drive a day & a half or so (14-15 hours - 925 miles)
    to ST LOUIS MISSOURI - see the GATEWAY ARCH (Jefferson National Expansion Memorial)

    4) From St. Louis to LINCOLN HOME NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE, Springfield Illinois (I-55 N - 1-1/2 hrs 100 miles)

    5) From Springfield through Chicago ... to NIAGARA FALLS.

    (11-12 hours - 705 miles)
    Now personally I would drive from Chicago THROUGH CANADA (Ontario) & see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. It has a much better view. All of you would need photo I.D. and YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATES to cross the border.

    Chicago, through Lansing Michigan to SARNIA Ontario (border crossing) and across hwy #402 and #403 to Niagara Falls.

    You could also get to Niagara Falls New York from Chicago, to Detroit, and around.

    6) Niagara Falls to NEW YORK CITY (7-9 hours 410 miles)
    Spend a few days in NYC (3-4)


    7) NYC to WASHINGTON DC (4-5 hrs)
    - You HAVE to see Washington DC if you are an American !! Plus so much of it is FREE !!

    (spend a couple days here - it takes more than just that to see all the FREE places)

    8) from Washington to BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK South Dakota.

    With a few overnight stops along the way. (24 - 28 driving hours 1660 miles) I-80 to I-90W (at Chicago)

    This is an amazing place. & it is right on your way. You take the loop road off I-90 through the national park, and drive through, coming back onto I-90 at WALL - further along your way west.

    9) to YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK Wyoming (I-90 to #14 W - 9-10 hrs, 535 miles)

    Spend at least two full days here (you'll probably want more once you see the area).

    10) Now from here on - depends what all you want to see in Washington State.

    For example, it is 12-14 hrs (800 miles) from Yellowstone to SEATTLE Washington.

    Mount Ranier, Mount St. Helens ??

    11) From Seattle - through Oregon to REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK is 9 hrs (530 miles)

    12) Redwood National Park to SAN FRANCISCO (6 - 6-1/2 hrs - 330 miles)

    13) Hwy #101 and Hwy #1 between San Francisco & Los Angeles

    14) & back to Carson City.

    That's a good FIVE WEEKS !!! And 7250 - 7500 miles !!!

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Stops in Washington

    Here at work (AAA Roadside in Arizona), and having lived in Washington for the last 12 years, thought I would share some spectacular places to visit.
    Here are some places to visit in Washington State
    1) Whidbey Island- Deception Pass State Park, Fort Casey St Park, Fort Ebey St. Park.
    2) The San Juan Islands (quite awesome).
    3) Hwy 20 through North Cascades National Park (quite possibly the best views around!)
    4) Hwy 97/97 A through Chelan County to Lake Chelan, Wenatchee (the apple capital of the world.)
    5) Leavenworth, WA (A MUST for all young people!) Bavarian themed village in the heart of the cascades.
    6) the Stone Henge Memorial near Maryhill, WA (southern border, along columbia river).

    Here are some sites to help you decide!
    or google search any of the sites listed, also visit the Washington State Parks website (don't have the URL on me)
    Good luck in your adventure!

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    hey sounds like a blast.!! what do you mean your team? should deffinitly go to southern cali,and go to yosemite and or yellowstone in wyoming.......randi

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    rocky mountain np, badlands, yellowstone, all definitely good places too see and like someone else said yosemite would also be worth visiting also if you want to see something of oregon stop by crater lake very impressive and not too far off the beaten path

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