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    Hey gang,
    Decided to take a trip to see the mouse. We are leaving the Saturday morning (early) of the US Thanksgiving weekend. We're taking the I90-I79-US19-I77-I26-I95-I4 route with a stop in NC for the night. Is there anything I should be concerned about...traffic, weather, etc. on any part of the route.


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    Welcome to Roadtrip America
    I will be down in Florida myself at the same time so I hope the weather and traffic are kind to us both! You can read a locals thoughts on some of Floridas roads in post #2 on that thread.

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    Default Weather is temporal information

    Traffic may be somewhat heavier than the norm on that weekend, possibly people returning earlier from their visitations.

    The weather - well, you never can tell this far in advance, but the Buffalo area is notorious for bad weather at that time of year, so you will definitely want to watch the weather reports and predictions as the week of departure approaches.

    You also may have difficulty finding a place to stay without prior reservations.

    We have some good information concerning holiday road trips on this page.

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    Lake effect snow is a way of life near home, so if that's the worst that can happen than I guess this trip will be fun then.

    Reservations are all made, so no concerns there.

    Guess all thats left is to get through the next two months...

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