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  1. Default Need Help on plannin a west cost trip

    Hi guys, great board you got here!

    My name is David, lett me start by saying english is not my first language,in 10 days i`m going with 3 of my friends to the USA for 2 months, we are going to be at the eat cost for about 3 weeks and that leaves us with 35-38 days at the west cost, we were thinking about landing at seattle rent a car and drive to those countrys: washington, idaho, montana, whyoming, colorado, utah, arizona, nevada and california.

    now we got 35-38 for the west cost and we want to be at the main sites which are glacier park, yellowstone, and yosemite park, we have 8 more main places we want to go such as salt lake city and grand canyon, we want to see the rocky mountians also.

    the prob we have is we not sure what is the drive time beetween each city and we want to drive at on day 6 hours top, i was kind hoping if you can help us on getting a better way to plan the trip such as main places you must see, places between the main sites and maybe to cut down a park or two that are similar , like we mark grand canyon and canyon park and we have no idea whats the diffrent and maybe they are the same so we can go somewhere else.

    btw we are planing to drive at chevy impala, you think it will be a good car for the west cost?

    i hope you understand what i`m asking and hope to hear from you, thanks!

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    Default Some Things to Think About First

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Probably the best help I can give you for your own planning purposes is to point you to a few on-line mapping sites. They're free and a great help to figure out distances and what's on the way to where. Another more recent addition is Google Maps. With a 6 hour limit on your daily time behind the wheel, I would limit your distances to about 300 miles per day. ALL of the software based mapping routines are overly optimistic about how far you can really travel in an allotted timeframe.

    Also, have a look through these suggested itineraries for some ideas. One of the things we recommend as a way to start planning a trip is to just start plotting possibilities on a map and see how the 'dots' start to connect. Some places will obviously be too far out of the way, and some smaller attractions will be easy stops. But you've got plenty of time to see much of the best of the west. One important consideration, however, is when you will be making this trip. Many passes, roads and parks are closed for portions of the fall and winter, so knowing the dates you plan to be in the US will be a big help in letting us help you.


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