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    This summer our family is taking a 100 day road trip traveling cross country in our 2002 Volkswagen Eurovan Camper. Were currently on day 64, in or nation's capitol Washington D.C.. Our current destination is Key West, FL and would love some helpful advice for our journey down the East Coast and through the South. Here's some our adventures so far...
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    Looks like a great trip so far. As far as the east coast there are some amazing sites to see the whole way down.

    Look into;
    Nags Head
    St Augustine (on of my favorite east coast stops)
    Virginia Beach
    The Appalachian Trail
    South of the Border between NC and SC is always a fun little tourist stop if its your first time through.
    Fountain of Youth

    Good luck I hope to see more of your pictures when you are done with the trip

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    Please? I won't eat much and I promise to play cook, maid and chief-bottle washer.

    Very cool about planting trees to offset your carbon footprint. Great idea! Our town has been cutting trees like crazy due to sidewalk damage. Bah! Those sidewalks have been damaged for decades, in most cases. I miss the trees. I've just joined a committee that is going to write a city policy that any trees cut down must be replaced with species with deep roots to minimize that type of damage...with the mayor and council's blessing. We're going to work with the National Arbor Day Foundation's current program to find something that will work well.

    I have no advice on your trip....I haven't traveled enough in the area you're visiting now. But kudos for having a fun trip and teaching a good lesson along the way.

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    Default Atlantic Coast

    Some interesting places close to where you are now:

    Assateague - home of the wild horses
    Shenandoah National Park - and Skyline Drive. Portions of the Appalachian Trail are accessible from here.

    You may also want to consider heading out to Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Be prepared - it can be very windy in this area.

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