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    Hi all.

    let me say first & foremost, that i realize i have a TON of researching to do and i won't get too specific with my questions & advice-requests yet. (in fact, this will probably be the first of many posts from me over the coming months.)

    so far, all i know is that this summer (most likely august), me and my boyfriend will be taking a 3 week roadtrip through america. going only from west to east and most likely cruising through the south for the majority of it. i am a east coast american who is ashamed at how little of my own country i've actually seen and my boyfriend is Irish. we both live in Dublin and i am so excited to show him the heart of america (although we realize we will in no way cover "most" of it) while also discovering a lot of new places myself.

    the idea originated when i decided to meet my parents, who are planning a summer vacation to montana/wyoming/the dakotas this summer. i thought, why not start there, rent a car and drive back to either boston (hometown) or NYC (adopted hometown)? 3 weeks is the maximum we can take off from work and we don't want to drive the ENTIRE time (*i should also note that i will be doing ALL of the driving - not ideal, i know, but he has no license). yet we would like to see as much as possible.

    now, as i said, we are in the embryonic stages of planning this adventure. i have to re-acquaint myself with the american price of gas and how much it costs to rent a car. so i won't bother listing our completely unrealistic set of destinations that we "have to" see.

    all i know is that we have a lot that we'd be thrilled to see, yet don't want to have to blast through every city on a trip that's going to be more exhausting than its worth. we hope this will be the first of many roadtrips for us.

    could some seasoned roadtrippers start us off in the right planning direction by giving us some rough pointers: how many stops, with a couple of nights rest, could one realistically shove into a 3 week itinerary that will most likely start in either las vegas/utah/wyoming, and moving mostly through southern states like texas, louisiana, tennesee and ending up in either boston or nyc?

    we admit it - we don't have a clue.

    i suppose, stripped down completely the only HAVE TO's we can't let go of are...Vegas, Memphis & Nashville...i'm sure you can see the rock n roll connection...and flying out of boston or NYC back to ireland...we'll take a few nights at my parents' house for a dose of R&R before heading back to work!

    even telling me WHICH questions to be asking is valuable advice. i feel overwhelmed already!!



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    Default A skeleton for a trip plan?

    Hi Susie!

    Your trip plan sounds great. I checked a possible tour with a computer software called Microsoft Streets & Trips, and I think this can be a possible start. I suggest you either try to get this software, or maybe using Google Maps.

    I started the trip in Yellowstone, I think you will show your boyfriend a place like that.

    Then Salt Lake City - Reno - San Francisco - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Amarillo - Oklahoma City - Memphis - Nashville - Indianapolis - Philadelphia - New York - Boston.

    All these single stages can be done in one day, with time for see some sights. Most of them has a effective driving time of 5-7 hours, It´s totally about 5500 miles. But there is only 14 stages, so you can add seven extra nights at places you will find more interesting than other, and still get inside the 21 days.

    I think you will have some wonderful coming weeks, because planning a trip is half of the pleasure. With Internet the planning today can be easy, since you will find a lot of information there, sometimes too much...

    Bernt Bergkvist
    Stockholm, Sweden

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