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    Default A little help when your Road Trip Vehicle is loaded up:

    People often post in RTA they're combining a Road Trip with a move. Great idea.
    Their Vehicle can be pretty loaded up with belongings, and the extra weight of the moving trailer (tongue weight) on the tow vehicle can cause some serious sag in the rear. Even when you're within manf. spex.

    Also, some us us tow personal watercraft, boats and travel trailers on our journeys and this too can cause some sagging of your car or truck.

    We got a unique gift that helps with this problem. Never heard of it before, couldn't Google and find a test anyplace on it either.

    We'll get back to the gift.

    My wife recently had a patient, a famous custom car builder / restorer on TV that had bladder cancer.
    I can't say his name but if you watch those shows, it was the good guy.

    Anyway, Alice' team removed his bladder, and built him a new bladder out of his intestine.
    It beats a colostomy bag for the rest of your life.
    I told her to tell him he'll be "peeing like a racehorse in no time", but she doesn't have that kinda bedside manner, and passed on that statement.

    Gov. Arnold Swartzenwhatzit gave her team & medical center a big award in person for creating & perfecting this proceedure.
    If ya ever have this proceedure someplace else,, talk to her first for some tips to make the whole experience go smoothly. You'll wish you did if infection sets in.

    It takes about a 14 day hospital stay to get all dialed in heal'd and flowing.
    All kinds of famous celeb car fans showed up to visit him.

    In that time, he show'd Alice pix of his family on his laptop and asked Alice to show him pix of our family at play.

    He noticed her Pre Runner sagging with her "stuff" in the bed & ATV trailer hitched up.
    She mentioned that people hi-beam her because the truck points up a bit, and bottoms out over bumps, so he sent us these rubber springs in that box:

    Took me 20 minutes (with a power impact wrench) to install them and they are outstanding.

    They work fantastic.

    Stay within your vehicles towing and load limits, and perhaps hollow rubber springs can keep ya level.

    Pic by R&A for RTA
    Google will find you several makers.
    You can do it yourself with the easy instructions,, or any shock absorber/brake shop can install them in minutes.
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