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Warning: it's 45 pages long. (Yes! Really!)

It's a photo diary of my biggest vacation undertaking ever: my Lake Superior Road Trip of 2004. In 12 days I drove 5,553 miles and drove through 17 states. My route was as follows:

*Highway 50 (the Loneliest Road) from Folsom, CA through Nevada to the junction with I-70 in Utah. I took a few pictures of Austin, NV, but for other towns and sights along this route, go to my other gallery at smugmug, "The Loneliest Road Trip".

*I-70 from central Utah to St. Louis, Missouri. The interstate across the Colorado Rockies is some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. Besides the Rockies, other sights along this road were the "Oz museum" in Kansas, the lovely Cathedral of the Plains, Harry Truman's house in Independence, and Busch Stadium in St. Louis, where we saw the Cardinals beat Pittsburgh 11-4.

*From St. Louis, north through Illinois and Wisconsin to Michigan's U.P. Our main destination on this leg was Abraham Lincoln's house in Springfield, Illinois, and his tomb. We stopped at Ontonagon, MI, where we had lunch and saw Lake Superior before turning back west.

*From Ontonagon, on through Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota to Fort Abraham Lincoln outside of Mandan. It was most interesting, especially Custer's house, which was faithfully reconstructed.

*Swung south to South Dakota, visiting Deadwood and Mount Rushmore.

*West through South Dakota and Wyoming, through Buffalo and Ten Sleep to Cody. Much of this drive was at night (time was starting to run short), so I have few pictures of Wyoming.

*From Cody, up to Montana and over Beartooth Pass to Yellowstone National Park.

*From the park, west to Twin Falls, Idaho, then south to I-80 and home. We did some hardcore driving that day; 17 hours and almost 1000 miles to make it home by midnight.

Anyway, I hope some of y'all browse through my pictures and find them enjoyable. Happy driving.