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    My wife and I are planning a trip across the country we have always wanted to do this and now that we have an RV we feel it's a good time to make the plans. I'm also retiring in sept of next year and would like to do it before, while I'm still insured ha!

    Anyway I would like to take RT.20 across form NH all the way to the Pacific coast. So if anyone has done this before and would like to give me some points on how to get started it would be appreciated.


    Richard T.

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    Default The Yellowstone Trail

    Welcome to the RTA Forums!

    Here is some information I found about route 20. You didn't tell us how much time you have for the whole trip. It is 3 365 miles long meaning you could either do it at a slow pace in 9 days one way (374 miles per day), at a reasonnable pace in 7-8 days (420-480 miles per day) or a little faster in 6 days (561 miles per day).

    Here are some excellent tips on budgeting and an article on how to plan a road trip. As for attractions along the way : Berkshire Hills, MA, Oregon Trail sites on U.S. 26 in Wyoming and Nebraska, Sergeant Floyd Monument and Lewis & Clark Interpretative Center in Sioux City, Yellowstone National Park, Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, Indiana, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Cascade Range and Pacific Ring of Fire in Oregon, Lassen Volcanic National Park and Crater Lake N.P.

    If I were you, I'd order guidebooks from each of the States' travel agencies in order to have a directory of State, National and other places where you can park your RV overnight.

    Drive safe!

  3. Default Rt20 road trip

    Thank You for your reply, we are really just begining this planing but I'm thinking of June and July 8weeks at least. This will be our trip of a lifetime so well take as much time as we can and see as much as we can.

    So far we know we will use Rt20 to Oregon than Rt101 south to Rt50 then Rt10 to Florida. I will take your advice and send away for some books of places we want to visit.


    Richard T

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    Default Starting point

    Since US-20 doesn't go through New Hampshire - were you planning on starting in Boston at the Eastern terminus - near the Boston Public Garden, if I recall.

    I found some more information about this road here - it has long been a goal of mine to travel the length of this road. At this point, I have, I'd guess, about 50-60% completed it.

    I can tell you that through Massachusetts many parts are quite nice - I especially enjoy the section West of Westfield that goes up into the Berkshires. Since for most of its length it parallels I-90, most of the traffic takes that route now, leaving US-20 less traveled.

    I do see a bit of an issue with the last post - how are you getting from US-101 to I-10 via US-50? I think that US-101 actually goes right into I-10.

  5. Default US20 does not equal Yellowstone Trail

    The 1912-1930 highway called the Yellowstone Trail followed roads which now have all sorts of numbers, some township roads, some county, some state, some US, and some Interstate. In the East, some of the Trail followed what is now US 20 in some places. Following the Yellowstone Trail from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound is a fantastic trip -- that takes a lot of planning and, to really enjoy it, a lot of time.

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