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  1. Default Driving from Vancouver to NYC end of Aug.

    Hello all,
    I am planning on doing a return trip back to NYC from Vancouver (next week) and wanted to see if anyone had any fav routes to take driving through Canada then dropping down to the States or any pointers in other routes though the states that are worth seeing.

    On my way out here, (in dead of winter) took route 80 to route 90 for most of the way, 94 had pretty bad winter storms so it was off limits. It was fast, pretty easy for the most part, and there were plenty of places to stop for food and sleeping along the way. (being the only one camping at Badlands National Park was a blast thou, cold but fun)

    I guess I am looking for the convinces as above, but seeing something new.
    (time is not factor, but rather not add on to many extra days of driving.)

    Also, anyone have any experience driving back into the US from Canada, last I saw the border check points, the lines were at least three hours, and just my luck to be crossing during a long holiday weekend.

    thanks in advance.

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    Default Trans-Canada

    Welcome Back to the RTA Forum!

    I'd think a trip across the Trans-Canada highway would be a great way to make the trip, although I think it would take quite a bit more time than going via the interstates.

    You might also think about taking I-5 to Oregon, then down through Boise and join I-80 at Salt Lake City.

    Of course, if you are limited on time, I-94 instead of I-90 would give you a nice little bit of variety instead of I-90 the whole way across the plains.

    I don't know what to tell you about the border crossings, but that if you expect delays, you might be pleasantly surprised. I've crossed a couple times at a few different locations over the last few years and I've never had to wait much more than 30 minutes or so.

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    Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about the same thing, need to look into how much more driving the Trans-Canada highway would be. I did hear it is a nice drive, maybe I can join up for some of it then drop down to 94, or try to take some of the local highways though the rockies, so it is not that much more out of my way.

    Any thoughts of good places to see on 94?
    I think the last time i was on it, I did see the world largest ball of twine.
    It was a highlight.

    thanks again,

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