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    Default Driving vancouver to L.A. in late december early january

    I want to drive down to L.A. in late december . Thinking of taking I-5 down, giving myself 3-days to get there. Is this crazy?

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    Default Long Drive, but surely not crazy...

    Three days to get there is fine. Consider busting your butt a little the first day, and taking Highway 1 between SF and San Luis Obispo. It will add some hours to your trip, but you'll be rewarded with views from the Big Sur area.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Default Could do it in 2

    It's about 1300 miles from Vancouver, BC. If you're talking Vancouver, WA, it's only about 1000 miles.

    If the weather is good, you could do it in 2 long days. If not, 3 days would be safer driving. Once you get past Olympia, WA, you can make real good time on I-5. Remember to time your drive through Seattle so you avoid the crawl through there.

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    Default Good trip

    We make that trip almost every year - then on to Fort Worth, and we now go in a motor home. You are about 2 hours north of us (+ border crossing time) and we have made it in 18 hours, but that is hard driving, straight through. Another post warns of the Seattle slowdowns, Portland is just as bad. We go through Seattle and Portland at night. You can get very heavy rains in Southern Oregon so be prepared. Sacramento has heavy traffic all daylight but not as bad as ours.
    Between Medford OR to 2 miles North of Redding CA are mountains with the worst part (for us) from Weed south. My wife will not drive that part. Check road reports and watch for snow, but we have never had any real problems. (I-90 from Seattle to Ellensburg is often worse.)
    Have fun. Enjoy.

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    Default A-men to those Oregon rainshowers

    Traveling as much as we have, we have seen just about every weather condition possible in North America. Some of the most amazing rain squalls can be found along I-5 near Portland from time to time. Rain in such copious amounts it is hard to differentiate betweeen roadway and field.

    I would also agree with the assessment for I-90 between Seattle and Ellensburg.


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