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  1. Default Find Best way driving from Santa Fe, NM to St. Augustine,Fl.

    We're 2 seniors + 2 cats moving from Santa Fe to St. Augustine in early Sept. Have concerns re: hurricane season. AAA routed us down thru' Texas & along the coast. Earlier cross country trips to east we've taken I-40 (but haven't dropped as far south). We're up for suggestions on best way to get there (we only drive about 500 miles per day). Many thanks for any help.

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    Default Could be a hum-dinger of a season!

    Quote Originally Posted by safa View Post
    We're 2 seniors + 2 cats moving from Santa Fe to St. Augustine in early Sept
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! It could be a heavy hurricane season so your concerns seem apt. I would stick with the coastal route if the weather cooperates with a careful look at the weather reports -- you will have sufficient warning if you need to head north. Also here are some tips about traveling with your kitties.


  3. Default Big thank you re:cats

    Thank you SO much for the infor on "Comfort Zone with Feliway" -- our vet didn't know of any spray to calm the cats down & we can't get the pills down them. You've probably just made the trip safer than escaping a hurricane. Found the store down the road sells this product & am racing down to buy a gallon of it!

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