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    Evening all!
    My boyfriend & I are planning a lengthy trip beginning next year & setting off LA to Miami first (or vice versa, not 100% sure yet). We're planning on buying a motorhome/RV (would like to go as cheaply as poss) when we get there as we plan to take around 2-3 months for this trip & would appreciate any tips/advice anyone out there may have.
    Look forward to hearing from you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jen1 View Post
    We're planning on buying a motorhome/RV (would like to go as cheaply as poss) when we get there as we plan to take around 2-3 months
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Break-even on cars is about three months (for purchasing and re-selling) and I would think RVs would be at least that long. I can guarantee that you will spend less money traveling in a fuel-efficient car for 2-3 months than any form of a RV. Even saving some of the cost for food and lodging -- the added costs of maintaining a RV and the extra fuel costs will eat your budget to the bone.

    Traveling the USA for 2-3 months sounds wonderful, but I really urge you to reconsider the RV angle.


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    Thanks for the advice this is appreciated but unfortunately this was kindy what we had our hearts set on.

    We have a 1965 Splitscreen camper which we drove around France in (approximately 2500 miles). That was great as we stopped where and when we wanted!

    We were considering the plan of purchasing a budget RV for about $1500 as we had seen some online. Once we got the end of our journey we would just sell it again.

    We were just looking for some advice as to what types were normally best to go for of if there was any to avoid. Also are there any large auctions or retailers in LA?

    Thanks again for the advice.


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    I'm not sure where you are finding $1500 RVs, and I can't even imagine what sort of condition they would be in. Its very tough to find a road trip worthy sedan for under $4000, finding a roadworthy RV for less than that will be virtually impossible.

    You also can't forget that you will have to pay a fairly significant amount of money to pay for taxes, registration fees, and insurance.

    This article details the different kinds of RVs available but I really question how you will be able to do what you have your heart set on with the tiny budget you have planned.

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