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  1. Default East coast to somewhere- where?

    hi there im leaving tomorrow from new york and i have until friday does anyone have any good ideas where to stop and what to see and do for this amount of time on the east coast. either north or south is possible. i am 23 and will be with 3 others my age. Thanks for the help.
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    Default little help

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    What sort of things are you looking for during your trip? Nature, Nightlife, Beaches, Mountains?

    You have almost unlimited options, but I think you'll have to give us a little more help first.

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    hi thanks for the reply.
    Iam not into the nightlife seen, more into having a relaxing time with my buddies.
    We all love the water and rafting and kayaking and things of the sort. We also love the mountains.
    Thanks and any help is appreciated. A theme park also would be nice. What direction should we start in to get towards this sort of stuff?

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    Default Wild and Wonderful

    If you do a Google search on "West Virginia canoe OR kayak", you'll come up with more than enough options to keep you busy for a while. West Virginia is within a scenic day's drive of New York City, leaving you two full days at least to explore the mountains and rivers of that overlooked state.


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    Thanks. Do you reccommend anything else thats on the way or anywhere else in the area? Also do you have any recommendations on nice but affordable accommodations in the area? Thanks again

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    Default Sure

    Between NYC and WV, just a few of the possibilities for sights to see along the way include Fort Frederick and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal along the Potomac River, some of the many caves in the Blue Ridge area such as Luray or Skyline Caverns, Shenandoah National Park, and more Revolutionary and Civil War Battlefields than you could possibly visit. In and around West Virginia, you can check out Seneca Rocks and Spruce Knob National Recreation Areas, Harpers Ferry, and especially the New River Gorge National River. Unfortunately, everybody's definition of 'nice' and 'affordable' differs, so I can't offer specific recommendations. I think you'd be better served by finding lodging that suits you. I have been struck on recent trips at how even medium range (nice) motel prices have been creeping steadily closer to $100 a night. For that kind of money, you can find some very nice Bed and Breakfast type establishments that will be something that you remember, rather than just a place to stay for the night.


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    Thanks for the response again.
    I was wondering if you had any other ideas for stops along the road not nature and historical. Anything else off the top of your head? thanks for the help

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    Default You mentioned 'theme parks'

    There are several Six Flags parks in the approximate area that you will be heading to/through.

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    thanks, im gonna be around harrisburg, pennsylvania. Anyone know of anything to do over there?

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    Default Do you like intensely cool models?

    Quote Originally Posted by podyon18 View Post
    thanks, im gonna be around harrisburg, pennsylvania. Anyone know of anything to do over there?
    Yeah, swing by Roadside America at Shartlesville. It is working model of American rural life over the last 200 years or so. Here is more information about it.


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