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    Hi Guys.
    Travelling to the States for the first time at the end of August. So decided to do Route 66, in 6 days.
    So is this possible? Love to hire a Mustang, this possible on a one way journey? and who's best to hire from? Looking at a return flight to Chicago from London. So fly back from LA to Chicago....any idea of cost?
    I guess in 6 days there won't be much time to stop, and enjoy places, so top 10 things to see en-route please? that won't take to much time.
    Are Motels plentyfull? and what's the average cost?
    Finally will the sun be shinning? cos' it's a bit wet here in Blighty this summer.
    Cheers, and await in anticipation.

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Route 66

    Greetings and welcome to the forum!

    I personally think that 6 days might be cutting it too close for the distance. Chicago to LA is quite a haul and takes about 3 days with no extra stops. 6 days will afford you some room, but not much.

    Also, keep in mind that Old Route 66 is largely unsigned yet, and huge sections don't even exist anymore. The Route 66 Association is working on correcting this, but it's been a slow and tedious process. Arizona has the longest section of original roadway for the route. I would recommend if you have time to visit the new Grand Canyon Skywalk (the base office for this is in Peach Springs).

    The cost of flights depends largely on time before the trip the purchase is made, number of people, and the cost of fuel at the time. It's really hard to peg a price range. I would recommend checking out some airline sites, such as American, Delta, even Southwest just to name a few, and see what you can get.

    Motels are plentiful but their price, again, will differ wildly from location. I usually go with Motel 6 because unless it is a high demand area or there's an event, normally it's less than $100. I would say to expect $80-$130 a night for the least expensive motels that are actually worth staying at. There are cheaper, but I personally don't recommend run-down motels just to save a buck.

    On the weather side... the sun should be plentiful... however, sudden summer storms are known to pop up, especially out here in Arizona. They'll get you drenched (when it rains, it floods in Arizona), but the lightning is an awesome sight to watch. It's like an electric ballet of the clouds.

    I'm not familiar enough with rental cars to be able to give you a definitive answer on the car hire part. There are others here who are, so I'll let them take that portion.

    Enjoy your trip,

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    Cheers mate, helpfull info

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