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    A few friends and I are taking a trip from Denver, to Las Vegas to LA.

    What kind of destinations along the way are TRULY worth going to. Epic things of beauty, and really off-beat random things are what I'm really looking for :)

    If anybody could just tell me some destinations along the way, not necessarily a whole plan. We're planning to do the trip in 3-4 days :)

    Thanks alot for any tips!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A Trip between those places goes through some of the most spectacular areas of the American West. Even with 3-4 months theres more stuff than you could possibly do, so clearly your biggest task will be narrowing things down.

    Just a few of the National Parks along the way include:
    Rocky Mountain
    Mesa Verde
    Bryce Canyon
    Grand Canyon
    Death Valley

    Of course that just touches the tip of the ice berg, and the views from the Interstate alone are pretty breathtaking, but if you are looking for epic beauty, I'd start with some of those places.

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    thanks alot for those tips!

    i should've thought of national parks... there are some great ones.

    and yes, the drive itself is very nice especially through Colorado's west.

    out of those, which are your favorites?

    and --> any decent rollercoasters? we like those! also, any super cheeseball obscure tourist traps we could find?

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    Stateline, Nevada (on US 15 at the Calif border) has the Desperado Rollercoaster.
    It is excellent.
    Metal, no loops.
    One time the largest, fastest and tallest metal coaster in the world.
    An all days pass is the best deal, and it lets you ride all the other attractions.
    Sometimes they have 5 ride deals too.

    Sahara has a nice out and back metal rollercoaster.

    New York, New York has a good coaster, though a bit too rough a ride for me.
    $12 per ride last I rode it.

    Across the street from NY NY is Gameworks. if you like arcades this is the place for you.
    Nice bar upstairs too if you're 21.
    The NY NY arcade was expensive, neglected and in dis-repair.

    The MGM theme park is gone, but a fun center at the West End of the McClaren airport last we checked. The waterpark on the Strip is gone too.
    One never knows these days in 'Vegas. Stuff is demolished overnite.

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    My friends and I did this route recently as part of our overall LA - Four corners - LV - LA trip anyway we had a hertz rental (explorer) Scenery is amazing and definitly worth checking out Arches NP and Zion NP. The only gripe we had were the lodging costs, in our limited experience Utah is very expensive compared to similar towns in AZ or CA? and fuel stops infrequent too - close shave '2 miles to empty' !!!

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    If Arches and Zion aren't to far off course... I think we'll definitely check them out.

    The desperado sounds cool too i'll look it up.

    Thanks for all the input!

    Any more advice?

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    Oh, and how much is Gameworks? Somewhere around a dollar a hit i'd assume?

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    We've added Zion National Park to our itinerary... my friend has heard great things about it as well! We may camp there :)

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