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    My husband and I are thinking about going on a road trip in December. Not the best time ideally but he couldn't take off any other time. We are wanting to go through the South. Starting in St. Louis to Nashville, Atlanta, Savannah and Charleston. Do you think weather would be a problem? I'm from St. Louis and we don't get tons of snow in Dec but it is always a possiblity. What do you think?

    I should also add what other places would be good to visit in the South along that route? We have about 9 days.
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    Weather can always be a problem, anywhere at anytime of the year, though I don't think you would run into any major blizzards or the like along that area of the country. I would be more concerned with ice than with snow, though with the way the weather has been the past few years, even that seems remote for December, provided the weather patterns continue as they have been.

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