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    Default Two Weeks , No Idea if I should Go East or West!

    My friend and I both have two weeks off starting July 16th. We are originating from Chicago, IL and plan on returning as well for a complete round trip. The idea of Yellowstone to the west seems appealing to me. Still, I have no idea what kind of time frame to look at in regards to where to stop along the way. Im definetly not sure of scenic routes, cheap eats, and how to pace the ride in general!

    The other option seems to be to head eastward to enjoy some nice beach scenery along the Atlantic coast. Maybe drive to boston then head south towards the Carolinas. Bear with me for having such an open ended thread. Hopefully, everyone can chip in their opinions from traveling from the midwest abroad.

  2. Default I wis I had that problem!!


    You picked a great site to ask for help. I wish I had the problem you are having. I live in NJ and find I like to go west. First off, you and you friend should discuss the main direction and find a few places you must see. You might want to find common interests or each pick a few. I love the western landscape and the allure of the old west type towns. There are many stopping points in any of the directions you choose. The west has many National Parks which are in my view a real bargain. You might want to take a look at the National Park website. It is very user friendly and you can check by location or interest. I will gladly help you in your planning if you ask.

    Have a nice trip.


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    I definetly need to do some due diligence on my end. A decision in direction will definetly be made by the beginning of this coming week. Im definetly interested in some compelling arguments as to which way to go! I look forward to asking more specific questions in the near future.



  4. Default West/Northwest

    Hi Sol,
    Probably my favorite this time of year would be through SD/WY. There are many sites to see. There is the Corn Palace in Mitchell, a little quirky but neat. There is also a Cabela's there. Badlands NP is next, it is an easy off/on Interstate 90 and really must be experienced to be appreciated. Wall Drug store is near the western exit to the park. You will see signs for miles telling you of all that is there. The southwestern corner of SD has so much it would be hard to see it all. There is Mount Rushmore, Wind and Jewel Cave NP, and Deadwood. I have visited many "old west" towns and this is one of my favorites. There is gaming here too. It, to me, is fun type gaming. It's in small casinos that are located along the western streets. They have daily reenactments of Wid Bill's fate and it's fun. Kevin Costner loved the area so much when filming Dances with Wolves, he purchased a casino and a Buffalo preserve just out of town. Sturgis is also just north of Deadwood. You could then visit Devil's Tower from Close Encounters movie. Cody WY is just west of Devil's Tower and is another great old west town build by Buffalo Bill. There is a great museum in town. Leaving Cody, you can visit Yellowstone NP and Grand Teton NP. These are two of my favorites. You can find great info on the National Parks site to check all the parks out.

    If you like this so far, I can suggest a return. I have also traveled through the remainder of the US, so, any other ideas just ask. I chose the route I did since it's one of my favorites.

    Good Luck picking an area!!


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    Default Two good choices

    Welcome to the RTA Forum - although your choice of a nickname has now got William Shatner's voice stuck in my head!

    Luckily, there is no wrong answer to your question. Either way you go will be a great trip.

    Personally, with 2 weeks, I think I would spend it heading to Yellowstone. That timetable would let you not only see the park, but also tour the badlands and black hills, and might even give you enough time to trek up to Glacier.

    Of course there is nothing wrong with the East Coast, and if you've got dreams of seeing the Ocean, it would be a great choice.

    a major reason I would pick the NW option is because of the timetable. Two weeks works really well for taking a trip that far, doing it in much less would start to become a little more difficult. The East Coast can be done a little easier on future trip where you might not have as much time. You could pretty easily take separate week long trips to the Northeast and the Carolina Coast.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default West it is!

    Due to the amount of free time I have (2 weeks) Im definetly headed west towards Yellowstone. I will do a little from both of the above suggestions. If you have any more suggestions feel free to add them, as my plans are far from set in stone. One thing on the "must do" list would be rafting(taking ideas on this). Otherwise, July 5th im going to attempt to sit down and come up with an actual written itinerary.

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