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  1. Default New York to the west and back.

    Hi there Ive been loking on and off this site for a year and love it.

    Me and my mae have finally decided we coming to america but only have 4 weeks to plan it. I have a few questions if none could answer would be most apreciated.

    I have found flyzoom t be the cheapest flighs to new york. I can get a return flight for about £300. Does anyone know if thats good frm london.

    We are not sure how long we are going for yet. we have 8 weks booked off work and about $4500 to spend. Im guessing for a fully active time we will be spening less time bu more money to do things.

    Because of landing in new york and leaving there we are going to need to do a round trip. At first I was planing on going by public transport but reading some of the threads it would not be that easy (True or False). The other idea is to hire a car and because we are finishing where we started there should not extra charges for dropping it off. Which is te cheapest and best way.

    We are planning on campping most of the time as well to save money. we do not mind sleeing rough.

    What I need to do now is find places we wont to go to. We are after pacefull and lively areas, so any states and places of fun to go would be gretfull.

    I already want to go to

    Niagra Falls
    Utah (Moab)
    grand Cayon
    Most of the west coast
    National Parks
    Las Vegas

    Could do with ideas more central and east

    Thank you


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Eight weeks - I'm jealous! That is a good amount of time to see just about anything you want to in the continental United States.

    Public transportation over long distances can be a crap shoot. You would be at the whim of the schedules of the bus, train, etc. that you are planning on taking. By renting a car, you can stop and go as you please. I did a cursory search for a two-month car rental, and it comes out to be $2200 or so for a mid-size sedan. A sample fare for Greyhound, going from NYC to Cleveland is $72 each. Going that route, at least you wouldn't have to add the cost of fuel on top of it. From what I can tell about train fares, they are quite expensive. Commuter rail, on the other hand, is very reasonable.

    Perhaps you could split it up - in some areas of the country, having a vehicle would be quite beneficial, such as in the great West. You could choose a city as a "hub" location and travel in proximity to that city, and then use a bus or train to travel on to the next hub location.

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    Thanks for that. I will have to look into it. It might be worth doing car rentals for certian areas. just try and work out how much and which states i want to go. Im getting more of an idea. Went on google earth and plotted out a map.

    Niagra Falls
    SD Jewel Cave
    WY Devils tower, Yellowstone
    San Francisco
    Las Vegas
    Grand Canyon
    not sure then but then ny

    Would love to drive it really for most fun but will have to check funds.

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