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    imported_Nicole Guest

    Default New York to West Coast and back!

    My husband and I have about 6 weeks to drive from NYC to the west coast and back. We want to stop at the West Coast ballparks, as well as Texas and also do some hiking in Bryce Canyon, the Grand Tetons, etc....

    Anyone do a trip like this and have any suggestions as to the best way to go?


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    Christina Guest


    My boyfriend and I are planning a similar 4 week trip from coast to coast in May/June. We bought a big map at Barnes and Noble and some dry erase markers, and circled the places we want to stop at, and from there marked out a path. We are planning on camping for 99% of the trip and will mostly be staying at national parks and KOAs.

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    I want to do a similiar trip. are you planning on going straight across or on a northern or southern route? also are you planning to book ahead for camp sites?

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