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    I live in Iowa City, Iowa and a few friends and I are thinking about taking a roadtrip out west and then down south to visit a few of our friends. We want to go from Iowa City->Denver->Salt Lake City->Portland->Los Angeles->New Orleans and then finally back up to iowa City. We would like to spend one day in each city and drive at night because we will all be able to share driving duties. Any thoughts on whether this is a good idea and if it is even possible?

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    Its hard to say exactly how good or bad of an idea this is without knowing some details, like how long you plan on being on the road for this trip. You're looking at a pretty huge loop, and I get the feeling this could take a lot more time than you are currently expecting. But I could be wrong about that, since I don't know your exact plans.

    What I can say is that trying to sightsee during the day and then drive at night is not a good idea. There's simply no way that everyone can get enough sleep to safely drive on a trip like this. The reality is, everyone needs some real down time just to allow their body to recover, and it doesn't sound like you'd be giving nearly enough consideration to that fact.

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