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    Hi All,

    Some of my friends are planning a later summer camping trip and want to use my travel trailer. We have looked into a couple of state parks in Wisconsin. Since my travel trailer is 34 feet long, the crew doesnt want to roll into a campground and find that all of the sites are too small to accomodate us, or if the site is okay, the camper doesnt chew up all of our room. Is there a website out there that has the sizes available of camp sites? It kind of defeats the purpose of going if we have to take a trip first to make sure the rig will fit. Any help on this will be appreciated. galaxie50059

    PS. My trailer is a vintage 1949 Spartan Royal Mansion if anyone is curious.

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    I think your best bet for the most detailed information would be to contact the individual parks directly. Generally the park rangers are very familiar with the individual sites and can tell you which sites will work best for your needs.

    However, there is some help available online. The WI State Parks reservation system does an excellent job of describing its sites. They tell you how long an RV the site can hold, it its a drive through or back in site, they even tell you how much shade is available at the specific site.

    Since you have some pretty specific request, and since WI state parks often fill up on the weekends, reservations would probably be a good idea in your situation.

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    Thanks Michael,

    We are actually looking at a middle of the week type of a trip due to work schedules and such. Tuesday through Friday is looking to be about right. The group really doesnt care where as long as it is somewhere else and not one of those campgrounds where the next site is three steps away. We are open to suggestions if anyone has any.

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    Well, I do my camping in a tent, so my needs might be a little different from yours in your RV, but I really haven't come across a Wisconsin state park that I've been disappointed in yet.

    There are a few that are going to be designed more for tents, but if you look for electric sites, I think most of them will be able to serve your needs.

    And I would still look at the reservation system, if you have a few parks in mind already. Even if you don't actually make a reservation, I think you will still find the information about the individual sites to be helpful.

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