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    I am traveling from Ohio to San Francisco over a period of six days, from July 29 through August 3rd. Will there be enough time for site seeing? Any suggestions? Does anyone know if the gunslingers in Cheyenne will still be performing that week? Does any one know of hotel deals for people traveling cross country: something along the lines that if you stay in the same chain of hotel they give you a discount? (I understand that hard-core road trippers camp out; I am not hardcore.) Any help I would greatly appreciate!

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    2500 miles in 6 days does leave a bit of time to see some sights along the way, and there's certainly no shortage of interesting sites, even in the so-called empty plains of Iowa and Nebraska. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll miss the Cheyenne Gunslingers who finish at the end of July. Also, I did a quick search through most of the moderately priced motel chains and none of them offer anything like a "stay four nights, get the fifth night free" deal. The industry norm now seems to be "reward points" which operate much like frequent flyer miles (and are probably just as hard to redeem). Your best bet (if you are already a member) is to request the AAA discount, typically 10%. And by the way, while I consider myself a 'seasoned' RoadTripper, rather than 'hard-core', I never camp out anymore. A good night's sleep is just to invaluable to a successful journey.


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    I prefer a mix of camping (at the more picturesque destinations such as National and State Parks) and cheap/mid-range motels/hotels to keep the costs down. I am in both the Holiday Inn and the Triprewards schemes (Travelodge, Days Inn, Super 8, Ramada, HoJo's) but the first thing I look for is a good room rate. I don't let the card influence where I stay else I will probably end up paying over the odds.

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