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    Default Whats a good route from Durango into the Twentynine Palms area of Southern California

    Im coming from South Carolina to Colorado Springs and have plans to take US 50 into Gunnison and then take the 550 { million dollar highway} into Durango. Does anyone have a good route to take from there?It doesnt have to be the interstate just looking for something a little different.

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    Default Monuments, Canyons, Lakes

    I think the route I'd want to take would head through Monument Valley and over to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

    From there I would head south to Williams and start going west via either I-40 or the reminants of Route 66. I'd take that to AZ-95 and run south through Lake Havasu City. I'd cross the river at Parker and take CA-62 all the way to 29 palms.

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    Default One question

    How much time to you have? Are you looking to explore the area or just get the trip over with?

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    Ive got three weeks,so time isnt an issue.I plan on spending at least one week at Twentynine Palms.Thanks for any input.

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    Default In that case

    You could do worse than following (the reverse of) this route. From the Grand Canyon, head south to Flagstaff, cruise along some of the old Route 66, down to Lake Havasu, etc. as Michael suggested.

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