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    Hey Folks!

    I'm from England and am planning a road trip for the year 2017! Now dont laugh - I have to leave it that long for 1,000,001 reasons. Anyway. I have absolutely NO concept of how long it is going to take me go where I want to go. All I know is that I will have 5 weeks to do this:

    (Roughly) - to go from New York, to Boston, to Maryland - then down to Georgia, Alabama and Florida. Then i'd like to go from there up to Oklahoma. I then want to go to Colorado, from there, across Utah and Nevada into California. Then, through Oregan, ending up in Washington.

    Lmao, not too ambitious then you see?? Is it possible at all that this could be done in 5 weeks? i'd be on a motorbike, incidently - and it would be in the summer.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    This is all possible in 5 weeks depending on two things, the size of your bike and your stamina. Beyond that, trying to plan a RoadTrip ten years out is, as you seem well aware, a bit of too much. The roads will likely change, the attractions will likely change, and your attitude and interests will almost assuredly change.

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    Default 10 years/5 weeks?

    I too just have to ask:

    How do you know that in 10 years you will have exactly 5 weeks available to do this trip?

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    wow...10 years out...for all you know in 10 years you could be dead. That's a LONG

  5. Default lmao!!

    I hear ya guys, I hear ya.

    First of all, I want to say thanks for the advice.

    Secondly, I KNOW how it sounds - planning a trip 10 years from now! The thing is though, that depending on cicumstance, this could happen for me much sooner than that - maybe 5 years (still ages though, right?)

    The reason I know that it will be five weeks duration is simply due to my circumstances now. Yes, none of us ever know what is going to befall us, so bearing that in mind, I have to summise that my life in 10 years is going to be pretty similar to how it now. That being that case, I currently work in Education - I am a teacher. I hope to still be teaching in 10 years. Hence, as a teacher, I get 6 weeks summer holiday per year (12 weeks holiday in total). I dont expect that to change any time soon, either. Therefore, I would have approx 5 weeks to do this.

    The main reason I have to leave it so long is because of my children. I wouldnt leave them while they were tiny like they are now. I'm not bringing them either, because this is something I have to do for me and me alone. I have never known an adult life without children. Ever. I dont know what it feels like. So 10 years should do it. They will be old enough to understand my reasons for wanting to do this, then - and be perfectly OK to be left with family for that length of time, without me there.

    As for my interests changing - that is not going to happen - this has been a dream of mine since I was a child! Yes the roads and attractions my change, but the distance betwen places is fundamentally still going to be the same. The main thing I wanted to know was that this distance could be done in 5 weeks - and you have told me that it can!

    I may change my mind at a later date though regarding going by motorbike, lol. As it stands now though, thats what I want to do.

    Again, thanks for your understanding and advice, guys!

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