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  1. Default Help plan my 2 month road trip!!

    Hello all,

    First off I would like to say thank you for helping me plan my trip to the Maine coast last summer. Several of you gave me pointers on return routes through New Hampshire and Vermont. We took this advise and were very pleased.

    Thats why I'm coming to you again with a bigger favor to ask. My friend and I (both 23, male) are planning a two month road trip of the United States this coming late summer/fall. I have read an aweful lot on this site and others, and have learned so much. I'm basically asking you to help in the planning stages of this trip, any way possible. Tips on travel, destinations, budget, food, ect. would be very much appriciated along with any constructive critisism you may wish to give.

    The very rough route plan:
    We plan to sweep west from central PA, pretty much focusing on getting out west. We do plan on stopping in St Louis, Mt Rushmore, ect. on the way out and Dallas, and New Orleans on the return trip. The main focus of this trip is the West. As far north as Oregon, as far south as New Mexico. All the big national parks, CA route 101, Vegas, ect.

    The basics:
    2 months, give or take.
    National parks, natural wonders.
    Museums, small town festivals
    Basically see how the rest of the US lives.
    10,000 approx. miles.
    Very rough budget: 3,000.00 each. (two people)
    Jeep Grand Cherokee (V6) for the trip.
    Camping 4 or 5 nights of the week with 2 or 3 in an inexpensive motel.
    Eating via cooler and coleman stove most meals. Occasional eating out.
    Play the trip somewhat by ear, if we like a place alot, stay there a week.

    Any information, hints, ect. would be very appriciated!!

    Jamie F
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    Default Good times

    Great to hear that we could help!

    Here are some links to similar threads:
    60 day trip out West
    AZ - UT Parks

    Las Vegas is a popular subject on the forum and a quick search brings up much information.

    Your basic information seems rather sound, though I do hope you have planned for emergencies and the like.

    My (very rough) routing would be a route across the Midwest and through KS, CO, UT, NV or ID and into OR, down along the coast of CA, into AZ, NM, TX, LA, and back up through MS, TN, KY, WV/OH along the Ohio River, and back into PA.

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    Default Getting Started (Again)

    Well of course we offer tons of suggestions, both general and soecific, on planning, including links to other useful sites. That's as good a place as any to start your general research into setting up another RoadTrip. My first impression is that your budget is going to be pretty tight, not impossible mind you, but very tight. Putting aside roughly $1500 for gas, leaves you trying to eat, sleap and enjoy any attractions on about $35 per person per day. You have some experience with a shorter trip, but living that cheeply for two months can get quite old, just be prepared for the realities that your budget will impose on your travelling lifestyle.

    As for things to see along the way, I'll get you started by pointing you to a few of the better threads on St. Louis, South Dakota, the Pacific Northwest, and, of course the National Parks website. There's lots more, of course, but that should get you started.

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  4. Default Thanks

    Thanks for the ideas!

    The links gave me lots of valuable information.

    AZbuck...what do you think would be a more realistic budget?

    Also, what motel chains are usually the cheapest? Motel 6?

    Camping at National vs. State parks?

    Thanks, Jamie

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    Default Budget

    Hi Jamie!

    I have checked about 250 different motels around the US for planning my trip, and Motel 6 is usually a few dollars cheaper than Super 8. (But Super 8 offers free high speed internet which is important for me).

    Price for a room with two beds is from $40-$60/night in cheaper areas, incl taxes. In very popular places, and inside big citys, price goes from $70-$120.

    In some places you will be able to found independent motels with lower rates, but they not publish prices on Internet and can be hard to find sometimes.

    Except places to sleep, I think your budget must raise to at least $40/day for you two together. Every single small museum in "Las Faraway" will have a small entrance fee of 3 dollars, 5 dollars, 7 dollar or maybe only 2 dollars, but there isnīt too many for free. Stateparks will also have fees, and there is many other things that can happen in a 2 month trip that will cost you some money.

    Eating from a cooler, and make food on a camping kitchen, is easy to SAY you will do for two months. Itīs much harder to really DO it in two months. After a week or two you really want a Burger King Tripple Whopper Meal with cheese and bacon, and onion rings and biggest coke ever seen and a Dutch applepie. As a starter... :-)

    Therefor, save more money, or cut of a week or two is my advise. As a compare, Me and My Wife has a budget of $15000 for a six week roundtrip in USA. Thatīs include a rental car ($2400), but most of the night we will sleep at cheap motels like Super 8 and Motel 6. And we will not have too much luxury on the trip, but we like shopping. Of course it can be made chaeper, but $3500 seems for me to be really on the edge.

    Bernt Bergkvist
    Stockholm, Sweden

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    Default same road trip!

    strange coincidence but I have been planning a very similar road trip to yours for this summer. my boyfriend and I are driving from south jersey to oregon (we have friends there) through the northern states, then dropping into cali for a week or so and heading back through the southern states. We'll be camping a lot and visiting national parks and natural wonders just like you! :) maybe we'll see you somewhere..
    our trip will be about a month and a half or a little more because we have slight time constraints. lots of planning to do! I'm really excited for the trip.
    One thing I recomend that we just did was to buy an annual national parks pass. It's a pass to most national parks in the country and other related places for a whole year, and it's only $80, and you can add one vehicle and up to three people to it. you can buy it right off their website!
    We're trying to do all we can to keep costs down and this helps a lot.
    well good luck! I'll let you know if i find anything else interesting like that, I've already got a lot of good ideas from the replies in your thread and just reading around in this site.
    happy travels :)

  7. Default Awesome!

    That is pretty cool!!

    I think alot of information we gather or links we find could be priceless to each other, if you want, i'll give you my AIM sn and/or email addy to exchange links and information, i think it would really aid each other in the planning of our trips.


  8. Default Nothern Ca!

    I have decided that on my road trip this summer, I'd like to spend a week (either in one spot or two different ones) camping on the Northern coast of California.

    I'm looking for the must see attractions for this stretch of the trip (Lincoln City, OR down to Just above San Fran, Ca)

    Also, where to camp? I'm looking for a campground(s) thats good for a tent as well as close to some some of the beautiful sites in the area. Showers would be a big plus, and the cheaper the better but as far as cost goes anywhere from 10-25 is fine.

    Thanks again,
    Jamie F
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  9. Default Lots of places to stay along there

    I've stayed at different times in different campgrounds through there

    Places I've camped at include

    - Del Norte Coastal Redwood State park (Mill Creek campground). Pretty nice -- showers available. If you can, stay in campsite 45 "the bandshell" -- this has a huge (15' high? ) redwood burl as a backdrop to the campsite. Campsite is smallish, but very unique. Some of the other campsites here looked very nice.

    - Van Damme State Park (no showers, but they were under construction when I was there in 2004)

    - Manchester State Beach (about 10 years ago -- no showers, and windy, but RIGHT on the beach).

    Patricks Point state park is supposed to be very nice to stay in, but I never stayed there.

    All these were tent+ car and 1-2 people camping at them. Costs were in the range of $25 per night or less.

  10. Default

    Hi all, its me again with another question..

    I've got our rough route plan pretty much down, the only thing I'm not sure on is how many days to allow to see most of the interesting things at our destinations.

    We'll be camping at most of these places, so we'll be on site and ready to go in the mornings. I'd like to do maybe a mile or two hike at some of these places (willing to do way more if its worth it). I'd like to see MOST of the popular attractions and maybe a few not so popular ones.

    That being said, does anyone have any input on how many days I should stay at these places? I guess I should say that most of these places we can stay between 1 and 5 days (I'm allowing a whole week for Yellowstone).

    Badlands NP
    Windcave NP
    Mt. Rushmore
    Yellowstone (one week?)
    Grand tetons
    Glacier (is this worth going out of our way?)
    The Oregon/NorCal coast (This looks really awesome to me)
    Crater Lake
    Redwoods (This along with sequoia looks amazing and right up my alley)
    Death Valley
    Reno/Lake Tahoe
    Las Vegas (I have been here before, so we don't need that long, maybe just a day or two)
    Bryce, Canyonlands, Grand Canyon, Arches (Not sure how to go about these since they're all kind of close, maybe a central base camp for a week or two or maybe just a drive through with stops??)
    Southwest America, and Texas heartland
    New Orleans, LA

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