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    Default Digital Camera Stores

    Hi, not sure if this should go here but cant see a betetr place for it.

    Anyway, I'm arriving in Washington Dulles this coming saturday. The problem I have is I would like to buy a new digital camera - Canon G7 - and need to find out if theres any 'local' camera shops. I've looked at Ritz & Penn Camera but they seem to be upto $100 more expensive then the many many web based services - B&H, Beach Camera, Circuit City - and I'd like to try and save a few $$$'s if possible rather then heading right into the tourist traps.
    Circuit City have stores ..but the camera I'm after the website says its available for shipping only...

    If your wondering why the problems, well I'm 4000 miles away in the UK! Why dont I just buy one here ... well theyre just to expensive here up to $800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which sadly like everything else here is mostly tax! =(

    If anyone can give me some good pointers within 30 or so miles of Dulles then I'd be extremely greatful!!!!!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Tax

    Of course, you'll not forget to pay the tax upon your return ;)

    If you choose not to, don't do what my mate did, and keep the box and receipt... duh!

  3. Default Well, sort of a roadtip quest I guess...

    This is a fairly funky question for this forum... you might be better advised to try the specific question on a photo forum.

    For some different ways to check on it..

    - Check also some of the larger office supplies/ stationary companies. They carry digital cameras (the G7 is at least on the web sites), and I've bought a recent digital camera at a similar store (an amazing sale, since the line was being discontinued). These could be companies like Staples, Office Depot, or Office Max. I know they're within 30 miles of Dulles.

    - Check the general electronic retailers. Circuit City, CompUSA, Fry's Electronics (but I don't think they have stores east of the Mississippi), BestBuy, Radioshack, etc. Also check Target and Walmart. I know there are Circuit City's, CompUSAs and Targets in the area as I've shopped in all of them within 30 miles of Dulles. Believe it or not, Gateway Computers lists carrying the G7, and they at least used to have storefronts around the country. And Radioshack does carry the Canon line of digital cameras, but I don't see a reference to the G7. (Radioshack has regional "superstores" which are usually pretty well stocked, I've found.)

    - Places like Ritz Camera does have storefront locations. I bet one of the local malls has a Ritz Camera (or their competitor) storefront.

    Lastly -- a couple of wild options. Email or call the local store, and ask them to order one for you and hold it for you to pick up at the store. Can't hurt to ask, if they don't have one in stock. I've done the "pick up at the store" option through Circuit City for computer hardware, but that was for something in stock -- but you can ask if they can get it from their warehouse and hold it for you.

    And if you're going to be in town for a couple of days, you might consider buying it from someone like Amazon and having it overnighted to your hotel or office.

    You know you will have to declare this on customs on the way back, right? It might be under the personal exclusion limit (no idea what that is...) but keep the receipt. The Tax folks always want their share, no matter what..

    From a general roadtrip standpoint, I've had packages overnighted to hotels I was going to be staying at, had packages picked up as "general delivery" at local post offices in places I was going to be passing through, and similar things when I've needed stuff on the road. Not for a while though... but there are options for this.

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    Hi Larrison,
    Thanks for the great answer, I checked out as many of the stores as I could get from google, seems the going price is $550 in store, shame the radioshack dont stock it, I'll probably just go with ritz then as they have a store in the Dulles Town Circle where we're planing on stopping for a bite to eat once we arrive.

    UKCraig, yea thanks LOL, well I mean no of course I will. You wouldnt beleive how many people have been all "oh when your out there could you get me...." or "if I give you the money can you get me this...."

    Thanks again!!

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