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    I'm driving by myself from Dallas to Atlanta (and back) with two small children (3 and 4) - anybody have any suggestions for interesting stops that aren't too far off the main road, but might interest them? This is my first road trip (as a driver, anyhow), so any tips or ideas would be appreciated!

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    Default Stop Early and Often

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The wonderful thing about being 3 or 4 is that everything is new and everything is an adventure. Your stops don't have to be Grand Canyons or Disneyworlds, just so long as they are fairly frequent and let your two charges run off some energy in a nice setting. I'd recommend stopping after every two hours or so on the road. That won't make this a speed run, but at 790 miles, you're not going to make Dallas to Atlanta in a day anyway. Plan on picnic lunches, rather than restaurants. If they insist on Happy Meals®, get them to go and eat in a park. This will be much easier on you.

    OK, now for some specific recommendations for parks near I-20. Note that all are within 5 miles of the highway.

    Tyler State Park
    Kisatchie National Forest - There's a unit just north of Minden, on LA-159
    D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge
    Vicksburg National Military Park
    Bienville Pines Scenic Area (Exit 88, MS-35 and US-80)
    Tannehill State Park
    Talladega National Forest

    And don't hesitate to just drive into a small town and ask where there local playground is if the kids get too unruly


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    Default Off I-20 in Shreveport

    The Sci-Port Discovery Center is just off I-20 in Shreveport.


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    Default Giants!

    You could always stop and show them this huge chair whilst regaling them with stories of how giants used to live in the area!! You'll find it in Anniston, Alabama.

    Don't know how much time or money you have to spare, but Six Flags is alongside the I-20 on the outskirts of Atlanta. But it can be very expensive.

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