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    Default 2-3 Nights out of STL in August

    Having just got back from a weeklong trip to KY and TN, my thoughts are now turning to our next trip. I was thinking two or three nights out of St. Louis North along the Mississippi.

    I was thinking of a stop around Quincy and Nauvoo. I don't know much about Quincy (other than that it was a site of one of the Lincoln-Douglas debates and that it is an old river town) and I am interested in Nauvoo because both my wife and I have Mormon ancesors who were likely there (although we are not in the Church ourselves).

    After that I was thinking of heading North vaguely along the Great River Road until about Galena or Dubuque and then turning back and eading home. The trip would be in the first or second week of August. I am still in the very early stages of planning so our plans are quite flexible, but I would really like to make it to Nauvoo.

    I am not sure how slavishly we will follow the river, so if you have any favorite spots along this general itinerary or any tips (we will be traveling with a toddler), please share.

    Thank you all,

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    Default NE Missouri spots

    First, I think you'll love Nauvoo. It takes the better part of a day to tour the houses, watch the demonstrations, take the wagon ride and just enjoy the area. The personal connection to the Mormon history will make it all the more meaningful. There isn't any food available there, as I recall, so bring a picnic or you'll have to explore the nearby town.

    As for additional things to see and do. Hannibal, "home of Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher", of course, is a big draw. They have done a nice job of restoring some 19th century homes and promoting their claim to fame. There is a good campground south of town, and a cave (didn't see it, though with its "Tom Sawyer connection" it might make it interesting).

    Old Fort Madison, along the river in Fort Madion, Iowa, is a very good reconstruction of the short-lived outpost. I won't tell you the dramatic story of why it was short-lived, you'll have to go find out for yourself.

    If you are willing to push a little further north of Dubuque, the Effigy mounds near Marquette, Iowa, are pretty unique. To see them all requires quite a bit of hiking (up and down hills as well as distance), but it is a great place to see restored Indian mounds in the shapes of several different kinds of animals.

    A trip like this is just another proof of the interesting things you can find in virtually any part of the country. Have a good time.


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    Default Galena, Dubuque

    Outstanding places to visit. Check out the statue of Julia Dent Grant by Grant's house in Galena and see if it doesn't remind you of Mrs. Butterworth. There is a bit of controversy going on about it.

    A great place to eat in Galena is the Log Cabin, dating back to the 1930s and looks pretty much the same.

    Another good place to eat is Timmerman's Steakhouse, just outside of East Dubuque. It is perched up high on a cliff and has a great old sign.

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    Default Heading out soon

    Heading off this Wednesday. Given the weather forecast, we might bypass Hannibal and Quincy on the way up and try to get North more quickly. I am now thinking of a first night stop somewhere around Fort Madison. I would like to get up to around Prairie du Chien, but we'll see. Depending on the time (probably three nights), I was thinking about looping back through Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, but this is still very much a seat of the pants trip.

    I will file a brief report upon our return.

    Any last minute tips are also welcome.


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