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    hello forum,

    me, my bro and a freind are planning a future trip accross America, NY to San Francisco, we're English and we'll have probably a few months to spare.

    from those in the know, whats the best route to take/ incorporating the best sights to see (without weaving up and down too much) ?

    we plan on buying or renting a campavan type car in NYC for the trip, what would be the best way we could do this? is it possible to rent in NY and return in San Fran. with a national car rental company, (?)

    we also plan on going through the desert to Las Vegas.

    knowledge/ links to other pages appreciated


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    Default As It Happens...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...Some fellow EU members are discussing a very similar trip at the moment in another thread. Since you have some time before your prospective trek across America, I think you'd be well served to follow that thread and similar threads listed at the bottom of this and other pages to get some rough idea of what such a journey would entail and what the major sights are along the way. In general, assuming you have access to a road map of the US, I-80 is the main route from New York to San Francisco.

    As far as a van or RV rental, start by reading through the links provided in this post. It is possible to rent an RV one-way, but I assume that it would be quite expensive. There is also a company that will sell you an RV (or car) and guarantee to buy it back at the end of your trip, although at a substantially reduced price, I'm sure.

    So have a poke around the forums, daydream a bit, and let us know how we can help as the time for your trip nears.


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    nice one AZ, ill read up

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    Default Trek America

    Hi Limey, welcome to the forum.

    What I like to do, to give me ideas, is look on the websites of the people offering organised trips. Their itineraries have been built on many years of experience and I kinda think that they know what they're doing! I then take what they offer and customise it to suit my interests. Doesn't always work out, but it can be fun anyway.

    This trip by Trek America could be worth looking at. I see that you have more time than they take on this trip so you could spend more time exploring each area and get to see even more. If you're into national parks then you're heading to the right place... there are many many spectacular parks in the west. I am jealous!

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    cheers UKCraig, thats a good idea

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