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    Default Baja California Norte A to Z

    [I haven't made much progress yet, but here is a start...]

    Baja California Norte A to Z

    A – Alisitos (known as “La Fonda” on the surfing circuit)
    B – Baja California Norte (in 1952, it became the 29th state in Mexico)
    C – Chapultapec (beach town about 5 miles south of Ensenada)
    D –
    E – Ensenada (about 70 miles south of San Diego, home to the Santo Tomás Winery ).
    F –
    G –
    H –
    I –
    J –
    K –
    L – La Bufadora (a blowhole, translated as “buffalo snort” south of Ensenada on Hwy 23 West)
    M – Mexicali (Capital city of Baja California)
    N –
    O –
    P – Puertecitos (about 50 miles south of San Felipe, an American Ex-Pat community and hotsprings).
    Q –
    R – Rosarito Beach (commercialized beach town – here is a great list of restaurants )
    S – San Felipe (some of the best shrimp I have ever had, another friendly beach town located on the sea of Cortez)
    T – Todos Santos Bay (off-shore from Ensenda – great place for whale watching)
    U –
    V –
    W –
    X –
    Y –
    Z –

    [Click here for an index to the states]
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    Default California A-Z with No Q and No X

    Amboy Crater
    is along Route 66 between Barstow and Needles.

    Altamont Pass
    east of San Francisco.

    Bagdad Cafe
    is located along Route 66.

    is west of Barstow in the Mojave Desert.

    is home of the Artichoke Festival.

    Calico Ghost Town
    is located near Barstow.

    Death Valley National Park
    borders Nevada.

    Dantes View
    of Death Valley.

    Exposition Park
    is near USC in LA.

    is along the Colorado River near Parker, AZ.

    Farmers Market
    in LA was the birthplace of the food court.

    has its corporate headquarters in Mountain View.

    Golden Gate bridge
    in San Francisco.

    Griffith Park
    in Los Angeles.

    Giant Sequoia National Monument

    Hewlett-Packard garage
    in Palo Alto.

    Hotel California
    is a great place to stay when in Palo Alto.

    Hollywood sign
    in Los Angeles.

    is near San Diego.

    Imperial Sand Dunes
    located in southwest CA.

    Joshua Tree National Park

    Kings Canyon National Park

    Kelso Dunes
    located in the Mojave National Preserve.

    Los Angeles

    Lava Beds National Monument

    La Honda

    Muir Woods National Monument

    Mojave National Preserve

    Malibu Lagoon State Park
    provides access to an excellent beach.

    Mojave desert phone booth
    has been disconnected.

    Mitchell Caverns Natural Preserve

    Neil Young
    lives near this spot which is near La Honda.

    was started by Marc Andreessen, the creator of Netscape.

    Philippe French Dipped Sandwiches
    is famous in LA.

    Potter school house
    from the movie The Birds is in Bodega Bay.

    Q ???

    is along CA Hwy-62 between 29 Palms and Parker, AZ.

    Santa Rosa
    was the hometown of Charles "Peanuts comic strip" Schulz.

    Santa Monica Pier
    located near LA.

    Sequoia National Park

    Stout Memorial Grove
    has lots of redwoods.

    Salton Sea
    is located in the Colorado Desert in Southern California.

    Studio City
    is home to many hollywood stars.

    San Jose State University
    is in San Jose.

    Stanford University
    is in Palo Alto.

    Twentynine Palms
    is an oasis of murals.

    is the University of Southern California and it is in LA.

    is the University of California at Los Angeles.


    Venice Beach
    is a fun place to do 4th of July.

    Watts Tower
    in Los Angeles.

    X ???

    is in north-central CA on I-5.

    is headquartered in Sunnyvale.

    Zabriskie Point
    in in Death Valley.

    [click here to see some of the other states in our list]
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    Default Province of Quebec's A to Z

    (Photo by Craig Antill)
    Asbestos, City of – Site of Jeffrey Mine, the world’s largest asbestos mine;

    Baie James – Large bay on the southern end of Hudson Bay, site of several major hydroelectric projects and home to several aboriginal communities;

    Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City – grand hotel perched on Cape Diamant, overlooks the St. Lawrence. Was designed by Bruce Price for the CPR, hosted the WWII conference of 1943 between Churchill and Roosevelt;

    Dams (hydroelectric) – the province of Quebec is home to many major hydroelectric facilities such as LG-1, LG-2 and Manic 5, the largest one of its kind in the world and is 150 meters high;

    Empress of Ireland, Pointe au Père – Large ocean liner that sank in the St. Lawrence river in 1914. 1012 people died in this tragedy. Scuba divers can still explore what’s left of the ship. There is also a boat-shaped museum in Pointe-au-Père;

    Fjord du Saguenay – located between the regions of Charlevoix and the North Shore, the Saguenay fjord is highly popular for whale watching. Because of its depth, its strong currents and the fact that it is an important whale passage, the government decided to operate a free ferry all year long instead of building a bridge between Tadoussac and Baie Ste-Catherine;

    Gaspé – Where Jacques-Cartier first led foot in America in 1534, planted a wooden cross claiming the territory as France’s possession. You can visit the Jacques-Cartier museum at the tip of the peninsula;

    Havre St-Pierre – Site of Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve, a land of water (St. Lawrence), islands (more or less 40) and naturally carved limestone and strange rock formations;

    Ice Hotel, Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier – temporary building made entirely with ice each year. Features deluxe suites, jacuzzi, bars with dance floors, fireplaces, ice carving, ice art exhibitions, wedding chapel;

    Jazz Festival, Montreal – world famous international jazz festival held annually at the end of June;

    Knowlton – located in the Eastern Townships, it is one of the most beautiful villages in the province. Victorian architecture, large lake for swimming, fishing and canoeing, famous worldwide for its Brome Lake Ducks, museum featuring a very rare Fokker from WWI and Fessenden’s old radio transmitters;

    La Ronde – largest theme park in Quebec and second largest in Canada, opened in 1967 during the World Expo, features more than 39 rides;

    Magnetic Hill, Chartierville – optical illusion that makes you believe there’s a magnet pulling your car. Weird and fun;

    Nunavik – the area north of the 55th parallel, homeland of the Inuit people in Quebec dispersed in 14 villages in an area of 443 685 km2. No road connects the villages to one another or to southern Quebec;

    Oratoire St-Joseph du mont-Royal – perched on the side of Mount Royal, its dome is the second largest of its type after St Pierre in Rome (St. Peter’s). Pope John Paul II stopped there in 1982 to beatify brother André who apparently realized miracles healing sick and dying people. Today, you can see relics from brother André (his heart) and millions of people and pilgrims go there each year to ask for a miracle;

    Percé – small village located at the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula, named Percé (trans : pierced) because of a large piece of rock located in the ocean a few hundred meters from the village bearing a hole in it;

    Quartier gai, Montreal – a.k.a. Le Village is the gay part of town in Montreal and is the largest gaytown in America. It has its own subway (metro) stations with the rainbow flag painted on one of them, its own restaurants, bars, dentists, vets, chamber of commerce, travel agencies, real estate agents, you-name-it;

    Route des vins (Wine Road) – runs in the southwestern part of the eastern townships and go through a myriad of feeric little towns with wineries and cidreries and fine cuisine restaurants;

    St. Lawrence – world’s largest estuary, goes all the way from Ontario to the end of the Gaspe Peninsula and North Shore Region;

    Tadoussac – site of France’s first trading post (1599), a good place to go whale-watching;

    Ursulines – A religious order, one of the first to promote women education in New France and to introduce the notion of free education;

    Val Jalbert – often described as the best-preserved ghost town in Canada with more than 70 original buildings, it is located in the Lac St-Jean area, north of Quebec City;

    World Heritage Site, Old town, Quebec City – Unesco world heritage site, Quebec City is one of the most well preserved old city in America and still has most of its original stone fortifications. You can visit the old citadel and the Plains of Abraham battlefield park where the decisive battle between England and France took place;

    Xavier-Garneau (François) – historian, civil servant and poet he wrote the fiery « Histoire du Canada » in response to the Durham Report;

    Youville, Marie-Marguerite d’ – Was born on the south shore of Montreal, was raised in a poor family and dedicated all of her life in helping the sick and poor. She’s the one behind the Soeurs Grises Institutions (Grey nuns or Sisters) that spreaded everywhere in North America;

    Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil – A Vegas show orchestrated and directed by Quebec’s very own Cirque du Soleil and the very talented René-Richard Cyr.

    [Click here for the index of states]
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    Default Vermont

    Adam’s Farm, Wilmington
    Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
    Cabot Creamery
    Dairy farms
    ECHO Lake Aquarium and ScienceCenter
    Fairfield– hometown of Chester B. Arthur
    Green Mountain Coffee
    Haskell Opera House, Derby Line
    Institute of Natural Science
    Jay Peak
    Kingsland Bay
    Lake Champlain Chocolates
    Memphremagog (Lake)
    New EnglandCulinary Institute
    Power House Covered Bridge, Johnson
    Quechee Gorge Village
    Rock of Ages Granite Quarries
    Shelburne Museum
    Smuggler’s Notch
    Teddy Bear Company, Shelburne
    Underhill State Park (Mt.Mansfield)
    Vermont State Fair
    Wilson Castle
    X - ?
    Y - ?
    Z -?

    [Click here for the index of states]
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    Default NewFoundland and Labrador

    Anse aux Meadows
    Blow me Down Provincial Park
    Churchill Falls Underground hydroelectric facility
    Dildo (it's the town's name)
    Gros Morne NP
    Hay Cove
    Jordi-Bonet murals in St. Anthony
    King's Point
    L'Anse au loup
    Northern Light
    OZ FM radio station
    Point Amour Lighthouse
    Quebec border, Labrador City
    Rose Blanche Lighthouse
    St. John's
    Upper Island Cove
    Viking Trail
    Wilfred Grenfell
    X - ?
    Y - York Harbour
    Z - ?

    [Click here for the index of states]
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    I figured Chicago has a lot of people and could probably have its own list...

    Chicago A-Z

    Al Capone’s grave
    Bear’s Stadium – Soldier Field
    Charlie Trotter’s
    Dusable Museum of African-American History
    Eli’s Cheesecake – Can take tours weekdays
    Field Museum
    Garrett’s Popcorn Shop
    Hancock Observatory
    Ice Hockey – Blackhawks and the Wolves
    John Shedd Aquarium
    K-Town, neighborhood in Chicago
    Lake Michigan
    Magnificent Mile
    Navy Pier
    O’Hare International Airport or Oprah
    Parks – in particular Millenium Park
    Queen’s Landing
    Republic – Golden lady statue in Jackson park
    Sears Tower
    Tavern – Billy Goat
    Union Station
    Victory Gardens Greenhouse Theater
    Wrigley Field – Home of the Cubs!
    XSport Fitness
    Yang Restaurant
    Zebra, Green or Zoos – Brookfield or the free Lincoln Park

    [Click here for the index of states]
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    Default Sonora, Mexico

    Cuban cigars
    Desierto de Altar
    El Pinacate
    Frenchie's Cove
    Guaymas camarones
    Iglesia de San Fernando
    Jesuit missions
    Kino, Eusebio Francisco
    La Asuncion (catedral)
    Mar de Cortez
    Plaza de los tres presidentes
    Rodriguez, Abelardo
    Villa, Pancho
    W - ?
    Zaragoza Square

    [Click here for the index of states]
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    Default Northwest Territories

    (Photo by Craig Antill)
    Arctic Circle
    Beaufort Sea
    Dempster Highway
    Escarpment Creek
    Franklin Expedition
    Great Slave Lake
    Jimmy Adams Peace Park
    Kam Lake
    Lutsel K'e
    Mackenzie Delta
    Northern Lights
    Oxbow Trail
    Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center
    Queen Elizabeth Campground Trail
    Range Lake
    Virginia Falls
    X - ?
    Z - ?

    [Click here for the index of states]
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    Default Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon

    Alvarez Faguendes
    Bastille Day
    Charles de Gaulle Square
    French Department
    Galantry Lighthouse
    Héritage (museum)
    Ile aux Marins
    Jacques Cartier
    Les Salines
    Marais salés (barachois)
    New Foundland
    Outre-tombe, Mémoires d'
    Pointe aux Canons Battery
    Quai des pêcheurs
    René, F. de Chateaubriand
    Saint-Pierre Cathedral
    Transpacific Shipwreck
    Utrecht Treaty
    War Memorial
    X - ?
    Yacht Club
    Zazpiak Bat

    [click here to see some of the other states in our list]
    [Here for a Google Map of this territory]
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