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    Rob Still Guest

    Default Backward/scary but fun places

    Planning road trip across the bottom half of the US. wanna go to some backward redneck places to experience some true american culture. Kinda places where people have never even left their state let alone country. Do these places even exist??? Where can we go where people will be fasicinated that they have british people in their local pub?

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    Default Arkansas

    Sounds like you want to visit Arkansas. I don't know about the "fascinated with the British" part though. Some of those folks still remember when we kicked the British out once before. I'M TEASING!

    How about a visit to New Orleans, and across Texas with visits to the Alamo at San Antonio (not the only thing of interest in San Antonio though) and Big Bend National Park along the Rio Grande. Be sure to see the editor's comments about the Starlight Theater in Terlingua (by Big Bend) -- you can find information about it by entering Terlingua in the search function and it'll bring up their "journal" report of their visit there.

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    imported_Kevin Guest

    Default Anywhere, really

    Small towns anywhere in the South will do. The further you are from major population centers, the better.

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    Default As a suggestion

    For starters, I would drop the words "backwards" from your description of that area. It is insulting and certainly not one that will yield many insider tips for you from the locals who post on this forum.

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    Default Tsk, Tsk


    Have you spent much time in Arkansas? It was the one state that totally surprised me. Quite a range of cultural, educational and political viewpoints found there. Plus, hands down out of any other state -- very attractive women seem to live there...

    Plus it is one state that boasts more American millionaires than any other.

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    Default Fast typist.

    Sometimes I type so fast, I don't have time to think first!

    Seriously, since tone doesn't come across in electronic format without extra help, I guess it's not obvious my comment wasn't to be taken seriously. It was my intent to make fun of the stereotype. It was a dumb thing to say regardless.


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