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    I just bought the Coleman propane grill/stove. (It must be discontinued as it's not on the Coleman website any longer.) It's a one-burner stove and a small grill. I figure it's perfect for cooking a burger & can of beans for lunch at a rest stop. My trip is Springfield, IL to Houston, TX. We're not camping as I work for the Holiday Inn group of hotels, and employee rates average $39/night. So I don't need full camping gear. But I thought it'd be fun to mini-camp along the way (cheaper, too!).

    What do you veteran road trippers think? Has anyone used this particular stove?
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    While I'm generally a fan of Coleman products for camping, and in fact cooked all of my meals for an entire summer on one of their stoves when I was finishing my geological senior thesis, they are not the hottest or fastest of cookers. I'd test out your new stove at home before I pulled over at a rest area and started cooking up a can of beans. It might take considerably longer than you're anticipating.


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