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    Craig Allan Guest

    Default Six Month Trip Looking for Advice

    Me and my partner are planning a 6 month trip across the states driving and currently looking at all the possible options.

    There are 2 options available, car or RV, obviously there is a cost implication to both of these and we are aware that an RV may be close to $21K hire alone.

    On the RV side is there any general advice with regards where to stop off, any relevant implications, other than parking. What mileage these get and whether this is a viable solution.

    Obviously on the car hire side you would be limited to what you could store in the boot and then move from motel to motel or campsite.

    Does anyone have any relevant advice on these, and if we were looking to go east to west the possible best routes and itineries to look at.

    All help would be gratefully received, who knows we may even bump in to some of you along the way.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Auto vs RV

    Others will have to argue the benefits of the RV -- we have some experts on the forum (also check out the links for RVers on RTA's site directory).

    Personally, I like the simplicity of doing a roadtrip by automobile, and you can stay in a LOT of 5-Star hotels for $21K. Consider doing this as a combination camping and hotel/motel trip. You can pick up some basic camping gear inexpensively, tent-camp some nights and stay in B&B's or motels on other nights. Just my opinion, but I admit I've never done it in an RV -- there are lots of folks that LOVE traveling that way. Bob

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    kristy Guest

    Default RV

    i am not sure what newer RVs get in gas mileage but our family's older model (early 90's it hink) gets very little per gallon for what gas is costing these days just something to take into consideration with your budget

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    Craig Allan Guest

    Default Any Advice

    OK, so its looking like a car across the states at present.

    We are aware budget wise on the costs, so we do not have any major issues there. More looking for advice on the best routes to take, rather than try to cram in as many states in as few days as possible, we want to enjoy a pleasant cross country tour.

    Are there dedicated car hire companies that will let you pick up from one location and drop off in another state, without placing penalties on you for mileage?

    Forgot to mention we are coming from the UK, so I guess we also need to investigate VISAs for a 6 month stay, since I assume the Visa Waiver Programme will not apply.

    All help and assistance will be gratefully received.



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    Default Agreed

    I've traveled via RV, via truck with a camper, and via car only. I much prefer the car. I take camping gear and can camp, stay in hotels, eat out of a cooler, use my stove to cook, etc. and see no disadvantages as compared to traveling by RV. The savings in fuel can be tremendous as I get about 31-32 miles per gallon on the highway and about 29 in town. This gas savings helps pay for a lot of motels and restaurant meals. Don't get me wrong, RVs are great, too, but they do have disadvantages. Those would be fuel costs, difficulty in finding places to park in both tourist areas and cities, they usually need to travel at a slower speed than I like to go, etc.

    For the answers to your other questions, you might want to check out the international part of this site at

    On that page is a book "Driving USA" written by a Brit that has been highly recommended and it may also answer more of your questions.

    Have a great trip!

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    Big Daddy Guest

    Default I am so excited for you

    I say throw caution to the a fun car, and stay at fun hotels every night. I am pretty envious of your planned trip. Please let us know how it goes!

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    imported_Robert Guest

    Default renting

    Regarding your car rental, I would look at the big car rental companies: Hertz, Aviz, Budget. They may allow you to pick up in one state, and drop off in another. They do have toll free #'s, and I'm sure they all have websites. Check that out.

    I'm jealous. Enjoy your trip.

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    Lori Hein Guest

    Default American road trip

    Cheers, Craig --

    With six months to travel, I'd encourage you to stay off the interstates and travel America's back roads and byways. You'll roll through hundreds of downtowns, meet interesting, hard-working people and really begin to understand what America's like in her soul.

    My book, Ribbons of Highway: A Mother-Child Journey Across America, is the story of a 12,000-mile post-9/11 American road trip I took with my children. We traveled in a minivan, affectionately anthropomorphized in the book as New Paint ("We were four travelers, three with legs, one with wheels.") The minivan was a perfect rolling home, and I'd travel this way again in a heartbeat.

    We left from Boston, taking a southern route, and returned on a northerly route that took us through Oregon, Idaho, the Rockies, the high plains and the Great Lakes. We meandered through America at 30,40,50 miles per hour and came home enriched beyond measure.

    Please feel free to check out the book at Some of the excerpts I've posted on the site might give you destination ideas you hadn't considered. I'm also happy to share the two tools that I used to plan our route with folks who purchase the book. Info is on the site.

    Please feel free to email me with any trip planning questions. There's nothing more exciting than a road trip -- your own, or someone else's.


    Lori Hein

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    Chuck Anderson Guest

    Default car rental

    We have been planning a trip from NY to Orlando ourselves and have found that Avis is probably the best for 'one-way' rentals. They seem to have the cheepest dropoff rates. One thing to consider when you reserve the car is in what state/location you choose to do it. We are flying into NY and staying there for four days before we rent since we will be using public transportation in NY. We found it cheaper (after taxes) to rent from JFK of LaGuardia than Newark or any surrounding areas.
    If there are just two of you travelling consider taking a smaller car not a minivan. it will save both in the rental charge and, because it gets better gas mileage, in fuel.
    Enjoy you trip,

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    Default Good Advice


    Thanks for the tip. Another one is to ask the rental agent if there is anyplace where they are short on cars and then offer to set-up the rental so you drive your car there. Have heard of 35% discounts for the right destinations. But this is real hit and miss. Sometimes it helps to be lucky!


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