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    We are riding my Harley from Wisconsin to Washington Dc. Leaving Wi. on May 18th. Then riding down to Virginia Beach on Friday May 26th, then back home to Wisconsin. We will be taking interstate 80 over to Youngstown Oh. then I-76 to Pittsburg and then I-70 on over to Maryland then 270 in to DC. What is there to stop and see along the way?

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    There are lots of places, nearly everywhere, to stop and see things. Along your general route, they include spending some time on the off-shore islands in Ohio, reachable by ferry. Pittsburgh is a great city to poke around in. And there's some great scenery and history just off of and parallel to I-76 and I-70 in western Pennsylvania and Maryland on the old National Road. For more specific recommendations, folks would have to know what your interests are and how long you'd have to spend by the side of the road.


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