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Thread: CSS Hunley Tour

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    Default CSS Hunley Tour

    Anyone have any takes?
    Is parking an issue?
    We plan on seeing it this summer.
    Bought (and printed) tickets online.
    Tours every 20 minutes, what is the duration of the tour?
    Is picture taking restricted?

    Information about the CSS Hunley
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    Default Very cool!

    This submarine was found by Clive Cussler's dive team --- here are some photos of what has been recovered thus far. Hard to imagine just how innovative the technology was when you consider this was a civil war-era submarine.

    From the Hunley site: "...The crew's journey to this day began on February 17th, 1864, when they achieved a maritime first by sinking the USS Housatonic. After the Hunley successfully completed its mission, the sub's crew signaled to shore that they were on the way home and then mysteriously vanished. Since then, the fate of the Hunley and her crew became a part of American legend and intrigue...."

    I hope you tell us what you find!


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    Default Charleston Submarines

    Let me echo Mark's request that you let us know what you find. When I was last in Charleston, they had just found and retrieved the Hunley, but it was not yet available for public viewing. A fact which I deeply regretted, since a distant relative of mine had invented the first submarine, the Turtle, during the Revolutionary War. (Note that the Hunley's claim to fame is that it was the first successful submarine.)

    Parking should not be a problem, since the Hunley is in a building on a US Navy installation. You will have to pass a guarded gate to enter, but you will not be competing for on-street parking, which can become an issue in downtown Charleston. There is a description of the tour on the web site that Mark added to your original post. It does not say how long the tour takes, but does provide an information number, so I'm sure you can find out. And if you look down below the schedule of tours, you will see that, unfortunately, photography of the actual vessel is, indeed, prohibited.

    While in Charleston, if you're a submarine buff, be sure to get out to Patriots Point and tour the Clagmore, a WW-II vintage diesel sub that will remind you of almost every submarine movie (think Run Silent, Run Deep or Operation Petticoat) ever made.


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