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    Default Car? Convertable? Jeep?

    Hey guys, ive booked a road trip across western usa, and have hired a convertable. Ive since heard this is a bad idea due to hot weather, no air con, security. this person recommended a jeep or something, or a normal car? can anyone advise??? thanks oh, the trip last for two weeks.

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    Default A modern car without a/c? Impossible!

    Quote Originally Posted by dodge76 View Post
    Hey guys, ive booked a road trip across western usa, and have hired a convertible.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Hey! That is the classic American roadtrip style. I don't think it would be possible to even find a rental car without air conditioning. I think your friend is worrying too much. Choose the car you want! A jeep is over-kill for paved highways and not very comfortable.


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    Default Jeep Cons

    I agree that a Jeep would be overkill, and you'll be very hard pressed to find any rental car that doesn't offer AC.

    I did rent a jeep for a trip last fall, because I was in an area outside of the US with questionable road conditions, and my biggest problem with the jeep is that without hard sides, your cargo has little no protection from theft. You can lock the doors, but when someone can just unzip your back window to get at your stuff, there's not a lot of security there.

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    Default excellent

    thanks for the quick reply: We (partner and me) have hired a chrysler seabring convertable. looking forward to it, as it is our honeymoon trip. We get a tank of fuel, but dont think it'll last, we're starting in LA, then las vegas, san fransisco, grand canion, palm springs and lots more.... should be fun. :-)

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