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    imported_Steve Guest

    Default For Jeep Wrangler Owners only...

    Hi, my name is Steve. I'm from Michigan and I own a Jeep Wrangler.

    Anyone else with a wrangler where I'm from knows it's a common courtesy/tradition to wave if you see another wrangler passing by. I was just curious what other states they do this in and what states they don't do this in. So if you have a wrangler, and you're not from Michigan, write me and let me know


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    imported_jason Guest

    Default waving is weird

    Well, the good news is now I know why guys with out of state plates keep waving at me. The bad news is that I only wave to people I know. Sorry, Jason (reluctant to admit I live in Idaho)

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    imported_Becky Guest

    Default Jeep waving

    Out here on the west coast: "Jeepers" wave! I've had my wrangler since '99 and have taken it all over WA, OR, north CA, and NV and we all wave or at least do the "open the hand that's on the steering wheel and nod" move.

    PS: I love my wrangler as a roadtrip vehicle, but boy do I get bad gas milage!

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    cookie Guest

    Default Peace, Love, and Jeeps

    hey friend-- the wave is tradition for any and all ground which Jeeps have roamed over-- if the person doesn't wave back it's only because they haven't learned yet or they're not really Jeepers...understand? i've lived in Minnesota, Virginia and now Nebraska-- from sea to shining sea it's customary for Jeepers to salute eachother (a wave or any response that says-- "you and me against the world friend") also-- don't forget the parking rule-- when parking, if there is an open spot next to another Jeep-- Jeepers should park there... it's a Jeep thing. people who don't get it should drive ford explorers or chevy blazers or something. "Jeep" is a family as well as an alliance. Up until November 16, 2002 I had a 1993 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L, it had 32" Mickey Thompson's, a Bull Bar, Side Bars, Spot Lights, (all stainless steel on Black exterior) and a 4 inch lift kit-- his name was BlackJack (I got him for my 21st Birthday)-- On November 16th I HAD to sell him (I needed a vehicle more suitable for long-distance in I needed room to sleep in the back)- so I came home with a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8--- needless to say the ride is imaculate-- it doesn't feel like it's on wheels... it eats the road like poured water gliding on the surface... and I have a picture of BlackJack (my ex-Wrangler) on the dashboard to remind me... you see, this is what it means to be a Jeep owner...
    one final thing--- if you have a Jeep and you have not named it-- you only "own" it on paper...once you give the Jeep a name, you own eachother...I named my GRANd Cherokee "Granny" (from the word "Grand" obviously and the first place I drove her was a restaurant called "Grandma Max")--- :) remember, there's only one Jeep...anything else is just a trend.

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    TJ Guest


    Ok, cookie's is obsiously having an affair with his jeep (a little obsessive dude). But to answer your question, we wave in Florida too.

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    cookie Guest


    "obsessive" might be true...but "his jeep" is flat out wrong-- :) i'm female, friend.

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    imported_Julia Guest

    Default Jeepers:)

    HECK YEAH! I'm from Tennesee...I know what'chu sayin;) LOVE MY BABY BLUE!

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    imported_Kerry Guest

    Default Wrangler Owner (NJ)

    Just wanted to let you know, I live in NJ and most of the JW drivers do it here. Some don't but I always just wave anyway. I am moving to Nevada in 7 weeks and I was wondering the same thing, so I guess I will find out as I drive across the states.

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    I have 3 Jeeps. Does that count?

    89 YJ (Wrangler - spring over, 36" TSLs, Ford T18 tranny, 8.8 rear end w/ discs, etc)
    88 Grand Wagoneer (SJ) getting parted out this weekend.
    82 Wagoneer (SJ) - 4 speed (rare), great truck.

    I got my YJ in fall of 99, took it out to Wisconsin for the summer in 00, then on a 10,000 mile trip in the late summer/early fall of 00. Since then, I took it to Tellico in North Carolina in March 01 and March 02.

    This March I took my 82 Wagoneer. We camped in the back. It was a blast even though I didn't do any hardcore offroading. I gotta respect the old truck :)

    Jeeps are great, but are a huge money pit. I'm looking to get something more reliable and less of a hobby to drive every day, but I don't think I'll be able to give up the Jeeps.

    My next big Jeep project is to build a CJ-8 Scrambler from the ground up to be a daily driver and tow vehicle.

    Keep waving!

    -Darrell aka BostonWrangler

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    Jan 1998
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Default Great nickname

    I like "Boston Wrangler"!

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