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  1. Default Denver mountains in April ????

    Planning a trip from Oregon to Dallas Texas, leaving April 15 need to be in dallas on the 20th.

    I dont know if its the wrong time to cross through the Rocky Mts. during latter April. From Grand Junction down the US 550 ??? Travelling in a conversion van.......We are headed to Amarillo Texas.........thinking from the 550 to Farmington NM,then the 64 to 84 to Santa Fe , hit the 40 to Amarillo..

    Or, just skip Colorado and take the 191 in Utah from the 70, onto Farmington..

    Or, from Salt lake City tale the US80 all the way to North Platte Nebraska, jump on the 83 and go all the way down to Abilene Texas straight in to Dallas.

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    Default Predicting Weather

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    While there is certainly a chance to see snow in Colorado in April, it doesn't mean you will. So at this point your trip comes down to trying to predict the weather.

    I would plan to take whatever route sounds most appealing, which appears to be your route down through Western Colorado, but keep an eye on the weather.

    I'd take I-70 as far as Grand Junction, and then see what the forecast looks like. If things look clear, then head south, if things look questionable, continue east towards Denver. Even if you do hit snow, you'll be much less likely to have serious problems if you are sticking to the Interstates. From there you could take I-25 south to NM or you could continue onto Kansas as far as I-I35 before heading south into Dallas.

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